Mexican Insurance For Driving After Dark in Mexico

Safety from those bent on criminal activity is often viewed as the main reason for this caution. However, there are more practical reasons to stick to daylight driving in Mexico. Your Mexican insurance for driving at night should be intact from the time you first enter the country. Bonus features of your Mexican car insurance include roadside support anytime you are driving.

Mexican insurance for driving


As the spring and summer months approach the temperatures in some parts of Mexico soar. This may cause you to wonder about the possibility of driving after dark. Although this can be a good strategy in a well-known area, a foreigner in Mexico should restrict driving activity to daylight hours.

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What are the risks of night driving in Mexico?

Whether you drive on a highway or in a city, the lack of sunlight can be disorienting. Some of the risks to consider include:

  • Community layout — Some communities are well-organized. However, you may find that curving streets, missing road signs, and dirt roads lead to a lack of certainty in trying to reach a location. While GPS could help, don’t count on it. Wait for daylight so that you can see well and ask for driving directions as necessary.
  • Road damage — If you encounter potholes, speed bumps, or other road features or damage at night, you could find yourself stuck. Again, Mexican car insurance can prove helpful as you call for emergency roadside service. Communicating your location at night could be hit and miss, however.
  • Animals – in addition to wild animals in rural and open spaces, you can also encounter horses and cattle in rural settings while you drive. Your risk of hitting such animals at night is greater, and an unexpected reaction could leave you in a wrecked vehicle and stranded. The # 1 reason NOT to drive at night in Mexico is the real possibility of hitting farm animals on the highway.

    Mexico does NOT tend to use barbed wire in many rural and urban areas. Mexican insurance for driving covers this exposure.

Pro Tip: You must have Mexican insurance for driving on toll highways. Without a valid Mexican car insurance policy, you can now be fined.

Even if you have Mexican insurance for driving,  just use common sense and be careful! Driving with sufficient coverage is important regardless of the timing of your travel. However, limiting yourself to daylight driving may reduce the risk of accessing services associated with your Mexican insurance for driving after dark.

Mexican insurance for driving from includes Roadside Assistance throughout all of Mexico at no additional cost.

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  • Amira Killian
    January 27, 2016 5:25 pm

    Certainly, driving at night is less secure than driving in the day. There are more hazards to encounter such as livestock. As much as you can, drive only during the day in Mexico and get Mexican insurance.

  • Violeta Arias
    June 17, 2016 6:00 pm

    When driving at night in Mexico, don’t get surprised to overtake a slow-moving vehicle which has no lights from the rear. But be sure you always drive with Mexico insurance—whether night or day.

  • January Olvera
    June 22, 2016 5:30 pm

    You can always take toll roads and avoid the free roads in Mexico. Toll roads are much bigger, and broader with better conditions for road driving.

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