Mexican insurance for Canadians – Tourism vs. Residency in Mexico

Mexican insurance for Canadians
Retiring in Mexico – Buying Property

Mexican insurance for Canadians – Tourism vs. Residency in Mexico 

Many Canadians find that Mexico provides an exciting destination, especially during the chilliest months of the year. Others love to visit as part of outreach groups traveling to perform acts of service in orphanages or in poor communities. Some choose to stay on for lengthy periods while others wonder about becoming expatriates. The in-between period may include a great deal of travel and exploration as you decide whether full-time residency is right for you. As you travel, you will want to be sure that you have an appropriate Mexican insurance for Canadians. Coverage is mandated for all motorists, and Mexican auto insurance for Canadians is needed to meet the legal standards for driving in the country. You will want to compare long-term and short-term Mexican car insurance for Canadians to ensure that you get the best value Mexican insurance for Canadians and benefits.

Formalities of Travel vs. Residency

It is typically pretty easy to come and go in Mexico as long as your passports are current. As a tourist, you are expected to have a tourist permit if you will stay longer than 72 hours in a tourist corridor or if you will travel beyond those tourist zones. A tourist permit is typically valid for six months, and you can renew at the end of a six-month period if you plan to continue in the country. You may need to return to the border to renew your tourist permit, so you will want to include this in your plans during your time in the country.

If you transition to full-time residency, you may need to work with an attorney to apply for an appropriate visa. This may include importation of your vehicle and the transition to Mexican plates and a Mexican driver’s license. At such a point, you would no longer need Mexican insurance for Canadians but rather a Mexico coverage for residents. Until that time, your Mexican auto insurance for Canadians would be required for legal use of your vehicle in the nation. Even if your vehicle is not going to be in use regularly, you should keep it covered by Mexican car  insurance for Canadians while it is on Mexican soil to guard against loss through theft or third-party accidents.

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