Mexican insurance for Canadian drivers and important information

You may wonder about the differences in Canadian law and Mexican law as you prepare for your winter travels to Mexico. Your Mexican insurance for Canadian drivers is especially important because of the differences. The government expects foreign travellers to carry proper coverage, and not buying Mexican auto insurance for Canadian drivers can be risky. Although many travellers never experience accidents, those who have accidents without Mexican car insurance for Canadian drivers don’t fare very well.

Now that you know about Mexican insurance for Canadian drivers, learn about Napoleon vs. English common law

The Napoleonic Code is the system used in Mexico, placing an emphasis on the presumption of guilt rather than innocence. Your home system presumes your innocence, recognizing your rights as you deal with a problem like an auto accident. In Mexico, an auto accident is viewed as a felony. Not having Mexican insurance for Canadian drivers will compound the severity of the situation. You can be detained in the event of an accident until things can be sorted out. If you lack Mexican auto insurance for Canadian drivers, you may have a hard time leaving the authorities’ offices. With the right Mexican car insurance for Canadian drivers however, you will benefit from legal representation and bail bond coverage that can be used to negotiate your release if you are deemed to be guilty.

Higher limits

Whether this is your first trip to Mexico or your hundredth, you need to be aware of changes in liability limit requirements. If you are found to be responsible for the death of a Mexican in an auto accident, you are responsible for the value of 5,000 days of wages for the dependents of that person. This is significantly higher than the amounts of a year ago. You need to opt for higher limits when you buy Mexican insurance for Canadian drivers. Additionally, you need to research the values for each state that you will visit so that you don’t opt for liability limits that are too low. Your Mexican auto insurance for Canadian drivers from last year should be reviewed for compliance with new laws if you will travel with an older policy.

Mexican insurance for Canadian drivers is necessary when driving in Mexico!

Mexican insurance for Canadian drivers

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