Mexican Insurance for Baja – 3 Reasons To Use Cash Versus Credit

You may want to protect yourself from serious travel emergencies such as theft during your time in Mexico. Carrying cash may seem dangerous, especially if your travel will be extensive with a need for major resources. You can select long-term Mexican insurance for Baja to ensure that you don’t have to worry about a lapse. Don’t worry; plastic is safe to use in most parts. After selecting Mexican auto insurance for tourists and crossing the border, the following are three helpful reasons to use cash when you pay in Mexico.

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1. Avoid credit cards scams

Although credit card payments are becoming more viable in Mexico, there are times when paying with plastic could lead to loss. If you are pressed for time, for example, and a credit card payment does not seem to be clearing, you may be asked to pay in cash. In some cases, the issue may be legitimate. However, you will want to watch your statements upon returning to your home to verify that a credit transaction hasn’t actually cleared. It is better to pay with cash to avoid being scammed with a report of your card not clearing, especially if you are using it at a gas station or mini market.

2. Avoid foreign transaction fees

Many credit card companies assess high fees for transactions that occur in foreign settings. This can be a major expense if you use your card frequently. If you can carry enough cash to cover your expenses, you can avoid this waste of money. If you still want to limit the cash you carry, review your cards to determine those with lower foreign fees.

3. Avoid convenience charges from businesses

Whether or not they are legitimate, there can be convenience charges if you use plastic to pay. A business might justify this practice because of the fees charged by those who process such payments. Skip these costs by using currency.

Mexican insurance for Baja

What kind of Mexican Insurance for Baja should you purchase?

It’s good to know that when you buy quality Mexican auto insurance for tourists, you can rely on coverage for claims because of the strong financial standings of various providers. It is also helpful to know that your Mexican Insurance for Baja transaction won’t incur foreign transaction fees.

Pro Tip: Mexican auto insurance for tourists is required to use the toll roads. If you don’t carry Mexican Insurance for Baja, you can’t use the toll highways.

Learn more about Mexican insurance for Baja at Mexican Insurance comes with Roadside Assistance throughout all of Mexico.


Mexican Insurance for Tourists – Pesos or Dollars for Your Foreign Transactions?

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  • The comment that states ” If you don’t carry Mexican Insurance for Baja, you can’t use the toll highways.” I don’t believe this to be true. No one has ever requested proof of insurance from me. I travel the toll roads often. Also when you travel the toll road the fee actually covers minimum roadside service assistance.

  • The comment is partially correct. You cant drive “legally” without a Mexican insurance policy.

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