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Mexico Border Point Of No Return – Mexican Insurance for Autos

Although Mexican travel can be fun and exciting, you don’t want to be unprepared to hit that point of no return. A United States Marine experienced this scenario when he passed that point. He had no opportunity to turn around before reaching the border. Unfortunately, he carried weapons in his vehicle, leading to his arrest and creating a nightmare scenario for his loved ones.

In comparison, passing that point of no return without Mexican insurance for autos may not seem nearly as severe. However, a wreck without Mexico insurance for cars on the other side of the border could provide you with a personal tour of a Mexican jail. Mexican insurance for autos is now required to drive on any highway in Mexico.

Do’s and Don’ts – What to Avoid Bringing to Mexico

Don’t bring weapons or ammo to Mexico. Even an innocent mistake such as that made by the man in the Tijuana incident can be severe. Mexican jails and prisons are vastly different from their U.S. counterparts. Carrying ammunition without a weapon can be just as serious. A single stray bullet tucked away in your vehicle could lead to an intense search of your entire car. People have been stopped even for empty shell casings at times. Please don’t risk it.

You will also want to leave illegal drugs at home. Although many people imagine that gringos have it easy south of the border, this is a myth. Those staffing military checkpoints are mainly focused on these issues as foreigners leave the country. Still, if you arouse their suspicions as you enter an area, they may stop you from questioning.

Bring a copy of your Mexican Insurance for Autos from

Bring a copy of your Mexican insurance for autos from so that you can prove your financial responsibility if you are involved in an accident. Carry an extra copy in your baggage, wallet, or purse so that you have access to the information if your vehicle is involved in an incident while you are away from it.

If you reach that point of no return without your Mexico insurance for cars, you don’t need to panic to the extent that this Marine did. Find a safe location to pull over after you cross the border, and use your wireless phone to buy your coverage.

Although you won’t immediately have a printed copy of your Mexico insurance for cars, your information will be transmitted electronically to Mexican information systems after your purchase. Print a copy of your Mexican insurance for autos at your earliest opportunity.

Mexican insurance for autos from comes with FREE Roadside throughout Mexico.

Avoiding Accidents Across the Border – Mexican Insurance Coverage

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