Mexican Insurance Coverage – Don’t Let a Mexico Party Land You in Jail

Whether or not you take Mexican insurance coverage seriously, you do need to have a serious understanding of the Mexican legal system. It is tough for a foreigner to know the law of Mexico well enough to guard against misunderstandings and unrealized transgressions. A lack of a Mexico insurance policy could be a major problem because it is a violation of the law. Napoleonic code plays out based on the principle that you are guilty until you are proven to be innocent. It’s not a good idea to build the authorities’ case by neglecting simple legal requirements.

Mexican party

Mexican Parties for All Ages

There are lots of party scenarios to consider when you travel across the border. You may be part of a wedding party, heading south to an exotic destination. You might be traveling to join family living in Mexico for a reunion or birthday. There are numerous celebrations during the year. In addition to seasonal holidays, various cities and states have special celebrations. Your Mexican insurance coverage  needs to meet the following basic guidelines as you prepare for your trip:

  • Liability limits should be as high as possible if you will travel in multiple states. If your travel is state-specific, your insurance policy should meet the recommendations for that state at the minimum.
  • Your Mexico insurance policy needs to be active at all times that your vehicle is present in the country.
  • Your Mexican insurance coverage is good throughout the republic from
  • All drivers of your vehicle must be at least 21 years old and must possess valid drivers’ licenses.
  • Any driving off-road to reach a party is not covered by your Mexican insurance coverage. Such activity could result in the loss of your Mexico insurance policy.
  • You can thoroughly research your car insurance online. Additionally, you can purchase and access details from the convenience of your wireless phone, tablet, or laptop.

It’s wonderful to have a fun time as you travel for a party in Mexico. Just be cognizant of the law so that you don’t ruin a great time with a stop at the local jail.

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