Mexican insurance at and theft

It’s not unusual for tourists to worry about the safety of their vehicles as they drive in Mexico. It’s important to remember that crime can happen anywhere, and you need to exercise reasonable precautions as you drive and when you park. If you leave valuables in a visible location in your car, you can expect trouble. It’s important to consider the benefit of Mexican insurance at when you select a liability product for your trip. Liability-only Mexican auto insurance from MexicanInsuranceStore won’t address issues like theft and vandalism.

Partial vs. total theft

Partial theft involves the removal of part of your vehicle. Total theft involves having your entire vehicle stolen. Some Mexican auto insurance from MexicanInsuranceStore only covers total theft. Your selection of an ACE Standard policy is such an example. Unfortunately, partial theft can be a common problem in some communities. Stolen parts can be resold, making them a hot commodity. This may be especially true in busy cities, but it can also occur in rural communities. The good news is that you can expand your coverage to include partial theft. An ACE Platinum policy, for example, addresses partial theft as well as vandalism. If you will be traveling into a poor community or an area known for criminal activity, it would be well worth it to spend a little more for comprehensive Mexican insurance at Although it’s not recommended that tourists generally drive into such areas, many customers purchasing Mexican auto insurance from MexicanInsuranceStore are doing so in connection with service-related activities that place them in the heart of such areas.

Remember to buy Mexican insurance at before leaving!

Daily rates tend to be very close for the standard and platinum packages when you buy Mexican auto insurance from MexicanInsuranceStore. On a yearly basis, there tends to be less than $100 difference between the two packages. This will vary based on your vehicle details, making it important for you to get your own quote for Mexican insurance at In addition to being able to ensure that your losses are covered for theft, partial theft and vandalism, you can take advantage of higher medical coverage options for you and your passengers.

Mexican insurance at is required when driving in Mexico!

Mexican insurance at

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