Mexican insurance at – Coverage Concerns

Mexican insurance at – Coverage Concerns

You may be wondering about the differences between your at-home vehicle coverage and Mexican insurance at There are some differences, but the concepts in both policies are comparable. Liability coverage is needed to protect others from your driving errors, and full coverage protects you from the errors of others and from unexpected mishaps. With this in mind, you may better understand the legal requirement of Mexican authorities for foreigners to carry Mexico insurance with MexicanInsuranceStore.comMexican insurance at is now legally required for driving on any highway in Mexico.

Why Must I Double Up with Mexican Insurance at

You may see it as doubling up, but the reality is that your home policy is limited to home incidents. It isn’t valid in Mexico, and it won’t be recognized as legitimate by the foreign authorities. It is necessary to have coverage that is written by a recognized Mexican organization and that addresses Mexican citizens’ risks. Although your intentions in visiting the country probably don’t include getting in a wreck, you should realize that driving in any country poses some risk of accident. Reasonable measures include expectations that visitors carry Mexico insurance with just in case an incident happens.

How Much Coverage Do I Need When I Buy Mexico Insurance with

You don’t need full coverage Mexican insurance at to drive legally in Mexico. A liability-only Mexican insurance at policy will cover your requirements. However, it’s possible to select a liability policy with low limits that can still leave you in a bind if you have an accident. Some customers look for the cheapest policy available, opting for the lowest limits offered in Mexico insurance with Take a few minutes to examine the liability limits chart that provides state-by-state analysis of Mexico’s death benefits. If you visit a low-limit state like Sonora, your financial obligations in the event of a fatal accident that is your fault might not tap into your full limit on a low-limit policy. However, that low-limit coverage in Baja Norte could be insufficient, leaving you holding a bill that exceeds your coverage many times over. Death benefits should be a guideline as you select a Mexican insurance at policy, and higher limits are generally advisable to ensure that you are covered adequately.

Mexican insurance at comes with FREE Roadside Assistance

Mexican insurance at
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  • Auto insurance from your home country won’t work in Mexico. Regardless of your auto coverage home policy, you will still have to obtain Mexican car insurance.

  • It’s not mandatory to obtain full coverage Mexican auto insurance. Limited liability policies are equally acceptable although they will not wholly cover you like a full coverage policy would.

  • Valarie Hannibal
    April 6, 2014 6:42 pm

    Penalties for traffic violations in Mexico are not considered light offenses like in the US and Canada. It is a very different situation in Mexico. It helps a lot if you have your Mexican auto insurance policy with you.

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