Mexican Corn, Other Street Favorites and Mexican Auto Insurance Online

Mexican auto insurance online

Mexican Street Corn

 Mexican Auto Insurance online, Mexican Corn and Other Street Favorites

Although the condiments for Mexican street corn might seem unhealthy, you may want to indulge at least once in the treat as you travel in Mexico. You’ll actually find several elote variations, including corn in a Styrofoam cup, grilled corn, and boiled corn on the cob. You can add your choice of condiments, including mayo, butter, queso seco, and chile sauce. You may want to vary these options by using healthy alternatives if you make a similar meal back home. You will want to have reliable Mexican auto insurance online as you travel to find this and other street foods. Your car insurance for Mexico allows you to get help if your vehicle stops working while you are stopped at an elote stand or cart.

Bread and snacks displayed at a wine tasting event in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico

Breads from Panaderos

Bread vendors are great as they drive down the street with fresh bolillos, Mexican rolls used for sandwiches. Bolillos can also be slit in half and slathered with refried beans and cheese. Broil for just a minute or two to melt the cheese, and you can enjoy a filling and delicious lunch. Most panaderos don’t sell donuts or sweet breads in the streets, but you might find a churro vendor with a hot supply of the cinnamon treats. You will also want to watch for a panadería, where you can buy the fancier breads and goodies. Look for single servings of pastel de tres leches for a unique desert.


Much like plastic-wrapped ice pops common in the U.S., bolis are ice cream treats in plastic tubes. You’ll typically find both vanilla and chocolate options, but some vendors might also offer strawberry. Simply clip away or bite off part of the plastic end to consume the creamy contents. You can also find ice cream vendors with paletas, making it fun to listen for the sounds on a lazy afternoon during your vacation.

Driving Cautions Around Pedestrians and Mexican auto insurance online

As you take your vehicle into areas that involve a lot of vendors and pedestrians, a reliable Mexican auto insurance online policy is critical. Even a minor brush with a pedestrian could create a headache if you have disobeyed Mexican law related to the requirement for a car insurance for Mexico policy. Even as you encounter vendors at the border, you want to be sure that your Mexican auto insurance online remains effective.

Mexican auto insurance online from includes roadside assistance, bail bond and legal throughout Mexico at no additional charge to you

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