Mexican auto insurance through for Gray Whale Season in Baja

Mexican auto insurance through Prepares You for Gray Whale Season in Baja

Have you ever been to Baja during the gray whale migration season? While winter tourism isn’t as extensive in Mexico as summer travel, the gray whales draw many visitors each year to the peninsula. You still have time to plan your travel, and Mexican auto insurance through should be on that checklist. As you research whale viewing destinations, you can also research coverage and generate a Mexico car insurance at You must now have Mexican auto insurance through in order to drive on any highways in Mexico.

Cabo San Lucas

The southern tip of the Baja Peninsula is a popular location for whale watching activities. Although some individuals fly to Cabo for the opportunity to view the huge creatures, this can limit your chances to enjoy some low-key spots for whale watching. Driving through Baja on Mexican Highway 1, you can stop in spots like Loreto and La Paz along the way, exploring local culture and cuisine while investigating sightseeing opportunities. If you have the time for the drive, this is an outstanding opportunity.

Mexican auto insurance through is great for the drive on Mexican Highway 1. The two-lane road is generally well-maintained. However, travel incidents can be frustrating. Your Mexico car insurance at includes enhancements like free roadside assistance, allowing you to get help for emergencies en route to Cabo.

Remote Beaches

While many travelers migrate to the cities for charters and whale watching experiences, it’s helpful to note that you might catch a view of a whale from a remote beach as well. The season begins in mid-December and ends in mid-April, allowing you a lengthy period to explore the Baja coastline. Take time to interact with locals in small beach towns to learn more about potential sightings and timing. If you live close to Baja, you may even want to travel down a few times during the season. RV camping on beaches is great for providing you with time and accommodations to pursue your interest. Make sure that if you tow an extra vehicle for local errands that you add it to your Mexican auto insurance through Also, consider a long-term Mexico car insurance at to ensure that you are always protected as you travel through the region. You can purchase policies from one day to one year in duration.

Mexican auto insurance through Prepares You for Gray Whale Season in Baja with FREE Roadside Assistance

Mexican auto insurance through

Whale Season in Baja!

Whale Season in Baja!

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  • There is nothing like missing out the fun and joy of watching the great whales at Baja, an unbelievable experience, Make sure you have enough coverage from Mexican auto insurance.

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