Mexican auto insurance online – Mexican Businesses to Watch for as You Travel

Mexican auto insurance online

Mexican auto insurance online – Mexican Businesses to Watch for as You Travel

As you drive in Mexico, it’s wise to keep your eyes on the road so that you don’t risk a distracted-driving accident. However, you may find that you are inundated with interesting signs and symbols as you drive. Your Mexican auto insurance online is important for guarding against the financial and legal consequences of an accident. Full-coverage Mexican car insurance is recommended for vehicles of greater than $3,000 in value to ensure that your damages can be addressed if you are involved in an accident. As you travel, there are some important and enjoyable businesses to watch for. Mexican auto insurance online is now required in order to drive legally on any highway in Mexico.

PEMEX – Mexico’s Gas Stations

Travel-Related Stops

Regardless of your destination, you will become very familiar with Pemex, the gasolineras scattered throughout the nation. Your purchases of gasolina will be metric in nature, sold by the liter and priced in pesos. Pemex is good about providing clear notification of the current exchange rate in areas where dollars are accepted for commercial transactions. You can typically expect to find a gas station in small towns, but keep an eye on your gas tank if you get into a remote area that doesn’t show much promise of a nearby station. If you do run out of gas en route to your destination, your Mexican auto insurance online can come to the rescue. Use the hotline from the documents for your Mexican car insurance for driving to access your roadside emergency benefits, and gasoline can be delivered to your location.


Convenience stores are always helpful on a long trip, providing access to fountain drinks, bottled water, restrooms, and other needs. In some cases, you can get cash from an ATM. You’ll also find your typical travel snacks. OXXO is available in various locations, sometimes adjacent to Pemex stations.

Paletería Michoacan

As you travel during warm weather, there is nothing like a cool, creamy treat. Paletería Michoacan is found throughout the nation, offering ice pops, ice creams, and licuados. You’ll enjoy the fruity options, but do take time to inquire about red streaks in a fruity pop to verify whether chile is present. Your Mexican auto insurance online can expose you to some unique flavors for which you may not be prepared.

Mexican auto insurance online by Mexican Insurance Store is more comprehensive than policies sold at the border or online with lower fees and lower premiums.

Save time, money, and frustration. All full coverage Mexican car insurance from Mexican Insurance Store include claims payments that are either private-party or retail value based, where many border providers have started to pay trade-in value which could cost you thousands of dollars in lost value in a theft or total loss.

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