Mexican Auto Insurance Online for Medicine Purchases and Medical Appointments

Mexican auto insurance online

Mexican auto insurance online for Medicine purchases and medical appointments

Although you might find that it’s easy to walk across the border to buy medications or to obtain basic medical services in Mexico, you may find that there are occasions that are better suited to driving. However, remember that you will need Mexican auto insurance online if you plan to drive in the country. The need for car insurance for Mexico is applicable to all motor vehicles, even those that will only enter the border zone.

Why is your domestic policy insufficient?

Some engaging in medical tourism at the border believe that having U.S. coverage is enough to meet the requirements. However, border zone protections in a domestic policy are typically designed only to protect the interests of the vehicle owner in case of damages they suffer in an accident. Unfortunately, this doesn’t meet the legal and financial demands of Mexican law. Car insurance for Mexico purchases and other health-related needs must be provided through a recognized Mexican carrier. Mexican auto insurance online can be purchased for day-trips or for long-term needs.

Just as following the law is important with car insurance for Mexico, it is also important to understand legal requirements if you are strictly traveling to buy medicines. Although it is a popular notion that Mexican medications can be purchased at better prices without a prescription, you are technically required to have a valid prescription for any meds purchased across the border. Further, you are expected to carry reasonable quantities based on your prescription and needs. Easy access doesn’t make self prescribing or other careless use of such medications a wise idea. Be aware so that you can carry the proper paperwork as you return across the border with your medicines.

Pro Tip: Mexican auto insurance online is now required to use the toll highways. Pick up car insurance for Mexico before leaving, or you could be on the road for longer.

Research Mexican auto insurance online from before buying!

Just as the careless purchase of medications in Mexico could be a problem, the careless purchase of Mexico car insurance could result in financial or legal trouble, especially if you have insufficient liability coverage or fail to secure comprehensive coverage for a high-value vehicle. Do your homework for both medication rules and Mexican auto insurance online as well!

Mexican auto insurance online from includes Roadside Assistance and more!

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