Mexican Auto Insurance for Canadians who Need Easy Border Access

Mexican Auto Insurance for Canadians who Need Easy Border Access

Border destinations for your winter travel can be excellent if you need to have flexibility in travel. You can get your Mexican auto insurance for Canadians so that you can drive into the country safely and legally. You’ll be able to use your Mexican insurance for Canadians throughout your stay, but you’ll also be able to go back across the border to handle any emergency or routine activities that require flights or other methods of reaching far off locations. Your stay and your future plans for the year will determine the term needed in Mexican car insurance for Canadians.

Mexican Auto Insurance for Canadians and Border Areas to Consider

Baja is great if you want a simple setting with easy access to the border. Rosarito is only 20 minutes south of the Tijauna border crossing, allowing you access to great services while providing quaint communities and accommodations. You can proceed even further south if you want something just a little more remote. You’ll be able to easily move back and forth across the border when the need arises, and your Mexican auto insurance for Canadians will keep you covered in the event of an accident. It’s important to remember that there are more risks than just other motorists. Your Mexican insurance for Canadians should take into account the possibility of accidents due to stray dogs, road damage or vehicle problems. A blowout can be just as serious as a distracted driver, and you really can’t predict some such issues. Research your Mexican car insurance for Canadians carefully to be sure that you are thoroughly covered.

San Felipe is an excellent destination, only a couple of hours south of the Mexicali port of entry. The community hosts many foreigners, allowing you to connect with those from the U.S. and Canada who make the area a second home. You may enjoy taking an RV into the area for some exploration and camping activities. You can tow an extra vehicle for quick trips back to the border. You need Mexican insurance for Canadians to cover your RV, and your towed vehicle must be listed on the RV policy. You also need to get Mexican auto insurance for Canadians to protect you when you drive that extra car.

Mexican Auto Insurance for Canadians by comes with FREE Roadside Assistance.

Mexican Auto Insurance for Canadians

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  • Riley Gibney
    May 20, 2014 4:07 pm

    Canadians are very much fascinated by Long shores, huge waves and sunny skies in Mexico, a valid reason to enjoy and relax in a hot climate for a change. Don’t go without Mexican insurance.

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