Mexican Auto Insurance for Canadians & Travel Information

Whether you are a student of culture or an aspiring artist, Mexico provides the backdrop for exploring your interests in various settings. Your Mexican auto insurance for Canadians is essential as you drive from location to location to broaden your horizons. Selecting your Mexico insurance for Canadians online helps ensure that all the most critical features are included in your policy. It only takes a few minutes to generate a quote for your insurance, enabling you to move through your preparation list so that you can move on with your plans.

Mexican auto insurance for Canadians

How long will you be in Mexico?

Your coverage needs to be sufficient for the entire time of your visit. In some cases, travelers make several trips during the year. In other cases, they set aside large blocks of time for intensive exploration of their interests. For example, you might spend the winter months avoiding the icy chill of a Canadian winter. On the other hand, you could spend a couple of weeks at a time. Then come and go as your interests need. In either case, it’s wise to evaluate your travel vehicle and timing. If you are using the exact vehicle on multiple visits, you may want long-term Mexico insurance for Canadians. However, if your various trips involve different cars, you may be better served by short-term insurance on each trip.

Remember, Authorities Require Mexican Auto insurance for Canadians 

Short-term coverage is ideal if your entire driving days in the country will be 21 or however, if. You will find that more extended coverage periods are better for value when buying insurance. You may want to keep this in mind as you decide how to organize your travel.


Some travel plans are better handled with rental vehicles. If you take a rental car to Mexico, you must have permission from the company to do so. You will need Mexico insurance for Canadians as you go, and you can handle that purchase online upon completion of your rental. However, you won’t be able to use a tourist policy of Mexican auto insurance for Canadians on a vehicle rented in Mexico. Insurance companies only write tourist policies for foreign vehicles traveling into Mexico.

Mexican auto insurance for Canadians gives you protection when you need it most!

Mexican auto insurance for Canadians
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