Mexican auto insurance El Paso – Don’t let your policy expire!

Your last day of vacation in Mexico may be one of many pleasant memories. Your focus now is getting through the heavy border traffic, a fun but challenging experience. A few extra days in the country have allowed you to see some extra sights while enjoying that last taco at your favorite stand. However, if your Mexican auto insurance El Paso has lapsed, you shouldn’t ignore it. Just because your vacation is nearly done doesn’t mean you can’t run into trouble that requires use of your Mexican auto insurance San Ysidro. Read here to buy an authentic Mexican insurance Hildago policy. You need Mexican auto insurance El Paso, Mexican auto insurance San Ysidro or Mexican insurance Hildago depending on your border crossing, because US car insurance is invalid in Mexico.

Border pace – Mexican auto insurance El Paso

The exit from Mexico can be a lot of fun, but if you are leaving on a weekend afternoon or evening, you will usually face a lot of other travelers. The rush to get across can be tense because things seem to slow down on hot afternoons. Impatient tourists tend to be most careless at this point in their vacations. While you may be able to keep your cool, it’s the other person you have to watch. Fender benders are common at this point, and you need to be prepared with your Mexican auto insurance San Ysidro policy if anything happens. You’ll see a presence of police and security officers near the border, and they will want to see your Mexican insurance Hildago coverage even if you aren’t at fault.

Last minute purchases – Mexican auto insurance San Ysidro

The trip out of Mexico can be entertaining because of the presence of border vendors. You’ll find these experienced individuals moving through the lanes of vehicles to sell everything from cold drinks and hot churros to ceramic banks and thick blankets. While you may be tempted to ignore them, you have to be aware as they move through traffic. If you happen to hit one of them because of their carelessness, you could face a lot of trouble if you don’t have a Mexican insurance Hildago policy. You really can’t afford to let your Mexican auto insurance El Paso lapse, especially when liabilities in the case of a fatality can be close to $300,000.

Charitable giving – Mexican insurance Hildago

Another presence in border traffic can be that of beggars. The slightest glance can encourage a child or mother to approach your vehicle. It’s not worth the hassle to be without Mexican auto insurance San Ysidro coverage at this point. Fortunately, there are online options for buying a short or extended Mexican auto insurance El Paso policy before you head to the border.

Remember, don’t let your Mexican auto insurance El Paso policy expire!

Mexican auto insurance El Paso

U.S.-Mexico border, Tijuana in the distance


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  • Danielle Rehfield
    June 7, 2013 6:44 pm

    Does your auto insurance cover physical damage, total theft, medical payments, legal assistance and roadside assistance? Do you have a toll free number that I can call in case I need to report or follow up my claim?

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