Logistics of Moving to Mexico for the Winter – Mexican auto insurance for Canadians

Mexican auto insurance for Canadians
Canadian Snowbirds In Mexico

Mexican auto insurance for Canadians – Logistics of Moving to Mexico for the Winter

If you are preparing to head south for a warmer winter in Mexico, you may be finalizing details and anticipating some changes as you transition into a new culture. Your Mexican auto insurance for Canadians can be handled right away if you know your planned date for entering the country. A stay of more than three weeks is best addressed with a long-term Mexican insurance for Canadians. If you need to change the dates before your scheduled departure, your Mexican car insurance for Canadians can typically be adjusted without penalty.

Household Goods and Local Supplies

It’s difficult to carry everything you may need for the season in Mexico as you drive a private vehicle, but a trailer may allow you to carry the essentials. Focus on your personal items, clothing, bedding and electronics that will be needed during your stay. Don’t focus as much on food or decorative materials. You will need to add your trailer to your Mexican auto insurance for Canadians to be sure that you are legally covered for towing. Even if you only tow to enter and exit the country, it is important to understand that a towing accident without the towed item being listed on your Mexican insurance for Canadians could invalidate the entire policy.

You may be able to purchase clothing and bedding while you are in Mexico, but you may be challenged in finding satisfactory items in a rural setting. Styles and brands may be distinctly different than you anticipate. However, you can find all types of housewares and furnishings in Mexico. You may even find outstanding deals at segundas, second-hand shops. Grocery shopping options vary based on the type of community in which you will reside. In a rural setting, you may have limited choices. However, larger towns are great for short-term commutes to shop for staples. Your Mexican auto insurance for Canadians enables you to access tourist information if you need to locate a bank or other type of establishment. Your Mexican insurance for Canadians also allows you to get help on those stock-up trips if you have any major roadside emergency. Call for help if you are locked out of your vehicle in a shopping center parking lot or if you run out of gas.

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  • Sometimes if you are on long holiday, especially if you want to go camping away from the biting winter in Canada, you could need a trailer to carry more of your necessary items. Though, to be on the safe side make sure that your trailer and its items are covered by Mexican insurance policy.

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