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You may wonder about the quality of food and other personal supplies as you travel in Mexico this summer. While you can obtain many items that are comparable in quality to those you would find back home, there are some products that you may prefer to bring along. You might make do with the Mexican alternatives, but you may save yourself some frustration by stocking up before you cross the border. Mexican auto insurance from is one of those north of the border purchases that should be a priority. Make your selection from the convenience of your home so that you aren’t pressured to buy substandard Mexico car insurance at at the border or on the other side. Remember to buy Mexican auto insurance from before leaving!

Supplies for kids

One of the most important items to stock up on if you will travel with young children is diapers. You can certainly find disposables in Mexico, but the quality tends to be far worse than even the cheapest north of the border generics. You may find that a full diaper sweats or leaks easily, an issue that can lead to a lot of extra laundry during your travels. If your space for stocking up is limited, you may want to invest in diaper liners or a good supply of protective diaper coverings to limit the issues.

You may want to bring a good supply of your favorite kid-friendly sunscreen as well. While you can find high SPF options in your travels, smaller communities are going to have limited variations. Additionally, you may want to bring any favorite shampoos and conditioners for your youngsters along. In fact, this may be a good choice for yourself as well. You’ll find some of the more prestigious brands represented in Mexico, but access may be limited to your time in larger communities with supermarket chains. Personal products such as toothpaste and mouthwash should not be as great of a concern. Mexico car insurance at is kind of the same way: You can get an inferior version at the border, or get the best coverage online!


Although you can work with a Mexican pharmacy to obtain your medications, you may want to bring a sufficient supply to ensure proper strengths. Don’t risk an error due to misunderstandings. You can’t just get into an accident because you were under the influence of medication, or alcohol for that matter, and expect your Mexican auto insurance from to get you out of trouble.

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