Live in Arizona? Head to Copper Canyon – Mexico insurance for Phoenix Arizona Drivers

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Mexico insurance for Phoenix Chihuahua

Mexico insurance for Phoenix Arizona Drivers – Live in Arizona? Head to Copper Canyon

Although the Grand Canyon is truly spectacular, you might enjoy changing things up with a trip to the legendary Copper Canyon, located in Chihuahua, Mexico. Your driving vacation should only take a couple of days’ driving time from home. In fact, if you stop overnight in Douglas, Arizona, you could complete the Mexico leg of the trip the following day. Be sure to take Mexico insurance for Phoenix insurance Arizona drivers along. Mexican auto insurance for Phoenix is necessary for both legal and safety reasons. Highly rated Mexican insurance for Phoenix residents provides roadside support and legal assistance in certain urgent situations.

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About Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon is hidden among the mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental range. Tourists can take advantage of a train ride covering the nearly 400-mile distance through numerous tunnels and bridges. One of Mexico’s highest waterfalls, the Basaseachic Falls, is located within the region, and there are plenty of activities to appeal to nature lovers. Students of world cultures will also appreciate the ability to learn a bit about the Tarahumara people living in the area.

Getting there

Obtaining Mexican auto insurance for Phoenix allows you to bypass the border points of sale, which may not provide as much opportunity to review ratings and benefits. Your drive after crossing the border from Douglas to Agua Prieta is approximately 325 miles to reach the Chihuahua entrance to the canyon. However, you could take the Nogales crossing and drive approximately 500 miles to reach the Topolbampo entrance in Sinaloa, an excellent choice if you want to enjoy the Mexican coastline during your travels. In either case, your travel will include toll roads, which tend to be well-maintained and safer in comparison to the alternate free roads. Valid Mexican insurance for Phoenix is important on toll roads because supplemental coverage for damages related to accidents resulting from problems with a toll road are contingent on carrying an appropriate motor vehicle policy for Mexico.

Pro Tip: Mexico insurance for Phoenix Arizona is required to use the toll roads, so make sure to secure Mexican auto insurance for Phoenix before you take off!

Get your Mexico insurance for Phoenix drivers in advance!

Your travel can move a little more smoothly when you don’t need to stop for important documents such as Mexican auto insurance for Phoenix on the road. Online access also enables you to make changes or extensions based on impromptu decisions after you cross the border.

Mexico insurance for Phoenix Arizona drivers from gives you peace of mind because roadside assistance is included with every policy and it covers all of Mexico

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Sheilah Altman May 6, 2016 at 6:02 pm

Driving to Arizona was one of my exciting escapades with friends. It would have been difficult if I didn’t have a Mexican auto insurance policy that helped us to bypass the border points of sale.

Judy Pattillo January 12, 2017 at 4:20 pm

If you go to Rocky Point, standard coverage will be sufficient. This coverage offers the basic coverage as well as theft and collision.

Sallie Gonsalves February 13, 2018 at 5:26 pm

As a traveler in other countries, one thing to notice is that holidays really differ from one country to another. Not exactly the same!

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