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Insurance for Mexico from Mexican Insurance Store – Important Travel Prep Before Crossing the Mexican Border

Your manner of travel to Mexico can dictate certain preparatory steps. For example, those who fly will need passports, but those who drive or walk across the border typically only need a passport card. Additional paperwork and preparation should precede your trip by car, including the selection of quality insurance for Mexico from Mexican Insurance Store. Your Mexico auto insurance can be quoted and purchased online with just a short amount of research and data entry. You will want to print and carry proof of your coverage when you set out on your trip.

Check out insurance for Mexico from Mexican Insurance Store coverage online

A passport or passport card is a must

If you haven’t been to Mexico recently or ever, you need to be aware that a passport or passport card is a requirement. The processing time can vary on either of these identification items. A passport typically requires about six weeks for processing, but you can speed the process a bit if you pay an expediting fee. Similarly, the passport card requires about four weeks for processing but can be expedited for more urgent travel needs. Don’t forget: Each insurance for Mexico from Mexican Insurance Store policy can be purchased on an iPhone, so you can buy Mexico auto insurance protection even if you already left for vacation!

Insurance for Mexico from Mexican Insurance Store coverage is also a must!

Your coverage is required by Mexican authorities for legal driving in the country. Your domestic auto policy is inadequate as it won’t cover damages to other parties in accordance with Mexican rules. You need an authentic Mexico auto insurance policy that is offered by a legitimate Mexican provider. Fortunately, you have several options and time to research and buy online. Online car insurance for Mexico from Mexican Insurance Store coverage actually provides you with the opportunity to adjust for travel destinations, specific desired benefits, and long-term travel plans.

Vehicle inspection is advisable

Before you head into the great unknown areas of Mexico, a thorough vehicle inspection is recommended. Be sure that your tires are in excellent shape. Check your brakes and fluids as well. You don’t need to have your car operating in like-new condition, but you do want to minimize the risk of a mid-vacation vehicle problem. In emergency situations such as dealing with a radiator leak, you can access your Mexico auto insurance certificate for roadside assistance to obtain towing support.

Your insurance for Mexico from Mexican Insurance Store policy certificate features exclusive Roadside Assistance with every policy and it covers all of Mexico!

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  • Before heading off to Mexico, don’t forget to print a copy of your Mexico insurance policy. This is your proof of coverage when you leave for a Mexico journey.

  • The good thing about our technology now is that you can buy Mexico insurance with your smartphone. Along the way going to Mexico, your wife can search online and pick the best policy. Before reaching the border, your car insurance is already in effect.

  • Part of the planning routine is buying Mexican insurance. After contacting at least 4 insurance companies, you have the chance to pick the best coverage with the right price.

  • Magnolia Boss
    November 5, 2017 4:58 pm

    Google apps, “Best Time to cross the Border,” offers clear-cut info and maps to expedite your re-entry into the U.S.

  • Sounds good. Ill check it out. Thanks.

  • Make sure to understand the terms of your Mexico insurance coverage to prevent nullifying your policy, like off-road.

  • Every Mexican insurance company excludes off – road activities.

  • Frederic Drew
    June 6, 2018 5:43 pm

    Driving without insurance is troublesome. Legal consequences are likely to follow; therefore, it’s always better to buy Mexican insurance.

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