The Best Mexican Insurance Policies – How Far Will Your Dollars Go in Mexico?

best Mexican insurance policies
Dollars and Pesos

Best Mexican Insurance Policies – How Far Will Your Dollars Go in Mexico? 

December reports indicated that since September, the peso had lost more than 10 percent against the U.S. dollar. This means that your dollar may go farther in terms of how many pesos you can receive in exchange. However, it may also lead to increasing prices in Mexican stores and at service businesses such as restaurants and hotels. When you evaluate the best Mexican insurance policies at Mexican Insurance Store, you don’t have to compare pesos and dollars. You can compare features and benefits from one policy to another to ensure that you obtain top-rated car insurance for Mexico. You need the best Mexican insurance policies because driving on Federal highways in Mexico now requires a physical policy and liability limits for fatalities vary per state.

How Do I Find the Exchange Rate?

You can easily research the comparison of dollars and pesos on a site such as, where you can type in the currency you will be exchanging, the U.S. dollar, and search through the various foreign currencies for the Mexican peso. You can also enter your query on Google by indicating your base currency, the dollar, first. A search term of peso dollar exchange rate provides the approximate rate although it may not be an up-to-the-minute figure. The mid-January exchange for 2015 is approximately 14.5 pesos per U.S. dollar.

How Will Possible Inflation in Mexico Affect My Travels?

If you are taking a day trip, the impact of the exchange rate may not be significant. You may not even need to buy gasoline in Mexico if your travels aren’t going to be far from the border. Even if you travel for an extended period, you may find that you don’t notice serious budget issues just because area pricing is adjusting in connection with the performance of the peso. You may find that pricing is a little higher in Mexico on grocery products if you need to stock up for a longer stay. However, travel in tourism’s off-season may keep your hotel and services costs in check. Although the peso may be weak, low gasoline pricing may counter high costs in other areas.

Will the Peso Affect My Top-Rated Mexican Insurance?

As you search for the best Mexican insurance policies, you may worry that pricing might change. Over time, pricing could change in connection with the market. This may make a long-term coverage solution a good choice if you plan to travel frequently. For shorter travel needs, you can compare pricing as you review the best Mexican insurance policies at Mexican Insurance Store to be sure that you find an option that fits your budget.

The best Mexican insurance policies at Mexican Insurance Store come with GUARANTEED Roadside Assistance, legal, and repair in the US.

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