Horse Towing Guide and Mexican Car Insurance for Tourists

Although rodeo is considered to be Mexico’s national sport, it often takes a back seat to activities like fútbol. The Spanish word for rodeo is charrería, and charro horses provide an exciting experience for the spectators. The idea of taking your own horse on a trip south of the border might be attractive. However, this can be a complicated process, especially if you will only be traveling in the country for a short time. Mexico is not the place for a quick trail ride in modern times, but if you are permanently relocating, the effort may be well worth your while. If you will be towing a horse trailer, you will need to include it as a towed item on your Mexican car insurance for tourists. You can get a Mexican auto insurance policy for both towing and non-towing scenarios.

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Expectations for importing a horse

It is important to have up-to-date health info related to a horse that will be imported. You will need to coordinate on both sides of the border as the exportation of animals from the U.S. can be tricky as well. The USDA oversees regulations related to animal exports, and you will need to connect with an approved border vet. It is also necessary to verify the current requirements of Mexico for the importation of livestock. As you import your animal, you will also need to import your vehicle and trailer to the mainland. They do not require vehicle importation in Baja, but Mexican auto insurance is necessary. Border customs brokers may be helpful for handling both issues, and you will need your travel documentation as well as that of your horse. Additionally, you should have a copy of your policy.

Pro Tip: Mexican car insurance for tourists is necessary to use the toll roads, so pick up Mexican auto insurance policy ahead of time!

Mexican car insurance for tourists

Authorities Require Mexican Auto Insurance Policy

You can expect that authorities will stop and ask you more frequently if you are bringing a horse trailer. Even if you are traveling with a horse, you should know that people can use horse trailers for illicit purposes in Mexico. This knowledge should dictate your conduct during any stops. Be respectful, and have patience with federales or police officers. Show your tourist permit, travel docs, and policy as needed. Your Mexican auto insurance policy will guide your decisions about the type of coverage you want.

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  • Consuela Mccollum
    June 29, 2017 6:00 pm

    All over Mexico, there are various locals, cultures, activities and foods. This is so because Mexico is a diverse country.

  • Dorthea Porterfield
    November 6, 2018 5:47 pm

    Is it true that if you’re involved in road accident, you will go to jail while being examined? I guess they need to figure out if you’re guilty or not?

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