Highway Driving for Mexico Motorists and Mexico Insurance for Traveling to Mexico

A recent bus crash in Mexico highlights the importance of being a good defensive driver when you visit. It also points to your need to focus on special features that you might not expect in your own country. For example, speed bumps (topes) can be placed in unusual places, including bridges and highways. In fact, this plus excessive speed is believed to have caused the deadly bus crash. Your Mexico insurance for traveling to Mexico is an important part of your defensive driving as well. Being ready for the unexpected means having quality Mexican car insurance for driving.

Speed, Speed Bumps, and Topes

Mexican speed bumps, also known as topes and can appear seemingly out of nowhere. Worse, you can even see topes on busy streets – and with little warning. For the uninformed, a first encounter may be a complete surprise because of a lack of knowledge. In the case of the Mexican bus driver, this may have been a common practice based on familiarity with the road. However, his judgment proved deadly in this instance.

If you do have an unexpected run-in with a tope, you can obtain assistance on the road from your Mexico insurance for traveling to Mexico. Each policy provides a bilingual helpline for initiating roadside service. If your vehicle is disabled, you can be towed to a nearby repair shop.

Speeding is another challenging issue for the foreigner. As you drive, you may find that some motorists exceed the speed limit and that others drive painfully slowly, oblivious that they are on busy streets. As a foreigner, you should try to adhere to the posted limits. However, be aware that they are in kilometers per hour rather than miles. Modern vehicles tend to have both metric and standard measures available on speedometers. Remember that miles per hour will be about two-thirds of the kilometers per hour.

Proof of Your Mexico insurance for traveling to Mexico

Sometimes, the authorities will stop you because of speeding. In those cases, you need to be ready to show your valid driver’s license and documentation of your Mexican car insurance for driving to Mexico. Your Mexico insurance for traveling to Mexico also serves as proof of responsibility if you deal with authorities after a car accident.

Mexico insurance for traveling to Mexico by MexicanInsuranceStore.com gives you peace of mind because roadside assistance, bail bond, and legal up to the liability limit are included with every policy at no additional expense.

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  • Amira Dominguez
    February 18, 2016 4:24 pm

    Make sure that if you buy your Mexican insurance, your coverage fits your needs. If you want to drive most of the time, get your insurance in Mexico. Most probably, a long-term policy will do.

  • Clarice Rowell
    July 23, 2017 6:09 pm

    By going online and learning Spanish tutorials, anyone can quickly adapt to Mexican language. It’s great to see you can also speak a little of Spanish other than your mother tongue.

  • Buying Mexican insurance online is pretty easy. Quickly you can drive to Mexico because you can buy car insurance online – so easily and fast.

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