Head to Baja with Mexican insurance for Canadians

Baja is a popular destination for Canadians seeking a lengthy vacation in a warm location, and there are many choices to consider based on your interests. And you don’t have to travel very far across the border to find either of these settings. Take the time to travel down ahead of your longer stay to check homes, RV campsites, cities, and more. Be sure to secure Mexican insurance for Canadians at the outset. If you are still deciding, short-term Mexican auto insurance for Canadians may be more appropriate.

summer season in La Paz, the sea of Cortez Baja California Sur Mexico

Busy cities in Baja

Your first question is probably, “Where in Baja should I head?” The largest cities in Baja Norte include Tijuana, Rosarito, Mexicali, Ensenada, and San Felipe. The farthest of these from the U.S. border in San Felipe, only a couple of hours south. Each offers plenty of modern amenities and lots of activity. You may choose Tijuana if you like an extensive community with lots of entertainment such as shopping malls and movie theaters.

Some prefer close access to the coast. This makes Rosarito and Ensenada perfect for those who love ocean sunsets and coastal breezes. San Felipe offers a different option on the Sea of Cortez. Mexicali isn’t located on the water, but it still benefits a Mexican location close to the border. You especially need Mexican auto insurance for Canada if you plan on driving further down the coast. Without Mexican insurance, not only are you driving without protection, but you can’t use the toll roads either.

You need Mexican insurance for Canadians before crossing the border!

It’s important to be familiar with the terms of your Mexican insurance for Canadians so that you don’t drive in inappropriate conditions. As well, it’s helpful to know your Mexican auto insurance for Canadians also provides for roadside help in these rural settings.

Mexican Auto Insurance For Canadians And Mexico City!


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