Guide to Mexican Insurance Policy Online Needs and Information for the New Year

As 2015 draws to a close, you may be planning for vacations, service activities, or business trips that will take you south of the border in 2016. Driving in Mexico requires that you have a reliable Mexican insurance policy online so that you meet the nation’s legal requirements for travel. Unfortunately, your standard automotive policy is insufficient, and authorities won’t recognize it for accidents in Mexico. In addition, most domestic policies indicate that they are not valid for driving in Mexico. However, Mexico auto insurance is readily available online at affordable rates.

Are Mexican insurance policy online rates expensive?

Pricing for Mexico auto insurance can vary based on numerous factors. These include issues such as the duration of the policy and the value of your vehicle. Also included are the level of coverage needed and whether you choose comprehensive or liability-only coverage. Although vehicles with very low values may not be eligible for comprehensive Mexican insurance policy online coverage, this is typically the advisable choice for most travelers. This will cover your losses in case of a severe accident that totals or severely damages your vehicle. It will also cover, at a minimum, the total theft of your vehicle. You may want to expand your Mexico auto insurance to include partial theft and vandalism as well.

A short-term policy is sufficient if you limit your travel plans to a short period of fewer than three weeks for the entire year. This could mean that your costs will be low. However, if your plans involve more than three weeks of travel across the border, then a six-month or one-year policy would be a better value. Make your decision based on the expected timing of your trips. There is no need for a full year of coverage if your travel will not extend beyond six months. However, a full year of Mexico auto insurance is ideal for individuals who frequently plan to return.

Pro Tip: Mexican insurance online policy coverage must drive on the toll roads, so buy Mexico auto insurance ahead of time!

You can select your car insurance well before your travel date. You also can adjust your policy if your plans and dates change. There may also be a need to adjust your policy if your coverage increases or decreases.

Mexico auto insurance from includes exclusive Roadside Assistance for peace of mind!

Mexico Travel Requirements and Mexican Insurance!

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  • Kiesha Mcgraw
    January 21, 2016 4:40 pm

    Mexico Insurance Store has been around for years and it’s one of the most preferred insurance providers to rely on. They have claims services which are par excellence.

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