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Baja Grey Whale Excursion

Mexico Auto Insurance Online – Gray Whale News and Travel Information for Baja

Although whale season is still far from its prime viewing time in Baja Sur, you may want to fit your trip in sooner based on recent reports. There have been unique sightings this year as sea lions have been spotted riding on whales. While the whale may not have taken out towing coverage, you will want to be sure to include towing on your Mexico auto insurance online if you expect to take ATVs, a boat, or an extra trailer or vehicle on your trip. A wipeout may not create legal problems for the animals, but if you have a towing accident, you will want to know that your Mexico insurance is sufficient.

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At Sea, Magdalena Bay, Baja California, Mexico. Gray whale cow and her calf greeting tourists.

Getting a close look at the whales

Although you can’t predict when a whale will surface, you can use typical patterns to plan your trip. Prime viewing months are January, February, and March as the gray whales head to Baja Sur to bear their young. Whales in the area tend to be friendly, but it is important to respect their size and keep your hands to yourself. Keep your eyes open for unique scenes such as surfing sea lions. Invest in reliable video and photography equipment so that you will be sure to safely capture the best moments. Rely on the guides to get you to the best spots for successful viewing. Pro Tip: Mexico auto insurance online is required so purchase Mexico insurance ahead of time!

Take a close look at your Mexico auto insurance online

If you will do any towing during your trip, your Mexico insurance must include the information for the towed item. There could be many items that you would consider towing, and if you make regular trips south of the border, you might need to select a separate policy for each trip to ensure that your coverage matches your towing setup.

If you tow another vehicle that will be operated independently in Mexico, Mexico auto insurance online for your primary vehicle is not enough. You will need independent Mexico insurance for that extra vehicle. A towing accident can be financially devastating if you lack appropriate coverage because your primary coverage could be cancelled as a result of an accident.

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  • Gregoria Felton
    May 18, 2018 5:58 pm

    Mexico is apparently acceptable for car traveling. Make sure, though, that you’re prepared to have route maps and you have understood the directions and road signs. Most of which are in Spanish.

  • In Baja, most products continue to upgrade and improve more. Mexican people and their products are in endless development and progress.

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