Get Mexican Insurance Policy Coverage for Your April Travel Across the Border

April is just around the corner, and you may be visualizing a beautiful Mexican beach during your spring vacation. It’s important to consider pushing your time to travel up a bit if you want to take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy seasonal activities. However, some Mexican celebrations fall at the very end of the month. Following is a slate of celebrations and activities to consider adding to your travel calendar. At the top of your list should be buying top-rated Mexican insurance policy coverage. You need Mexico auto insurance coverage for both legal and assistance benefits.

Port of Ensenada.

Whale Season Is Drawing to a Close

The whale migration is reversing, and this will be the month in which the last of the straggling mother and baby whales head back around the southern tip of Baja to return north. If you will be in the Baja del Sur region, you may have a good chance of sighting some whales. You may even spot some from shore on the Pacific side of the peninsula. By the end of April, the migration will be pretty much done. If whale viewing is high on your priority list, consider spots like Ensenada for easier access to charters. If you plan to head farther south, you should consider getting your top-rated Mexican Insurance policy coverage near the start of the month so that you can travel promptly.

Easter Week

You can expect spring break activity on either side of the Easter weekend. Some of the activity will be based on travelers from other countries. However, you will share the beaches with local residents, making it important to consider allowing a little more time between your trip and the holiday. The last week of April should be less active for tourism if you want a more relaxed vacation. If you love a more active setting, however, your travel on Easter weekend will provide a great experience. For some special celebrations, consider sponsored events at resorts. Spots in Baja Norte often cater to those coming from north of the border.

Mexico auto insurance Priorities

Make sure that you take time to evaluate Mexican Insurance policy coverage from, buying and printing your documents before you travel over the border. Besides meeting legal requirements of Mexican authorities, you will ensure access to important support services in case of accidents or other problems.

Mexican Insurance Policy Coverage from includes FREE Roadside Assistance throughout Mexico with each policy.



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  • Etsuko Olesen
    April 10, 2014 4:41 pm

    Many wonderful and seasonal activities arrive on the month of April, which gives travelers an idea of making their vacations a memorable one, thus making sure to opt for Mexican insurance.

  • Liane Wardell
    April 14, 2014 6:08 pm

    Assistance and good coverage is all that matters while driving to Mexico, and what better insurance can you get when you have the best. Go to your nearest Mexico insurance and enjoy your holidays.

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