Four Fun Mexican Traditions – Mexico insurance from

Mexico insurance from – Four Fun Mexican Traditions

Spending time studying Mexican culture from a book may be interesting, but in-person evaluation of various activities is a great way to allow those dry narratives to take on a life of their own. Be sure that your Mexico insurance from is effective before you cross the border. You can look for Mexican insurance quotes online at home as you plan your trip. Consider the following three traditions as you delve into the culture.

Birth of a New Baby

When a baby is born in the United States, a new father often hands out cigars to his male friends and relatives in honor of the new youngster. In Mexico, the father of a new baby passes out bars of chocolate. While you might not find this to be all that unique, it does give you a fun perspective, especially if you expect to be around as a new baby is born to a friend or relative who lives in Mexico. A bit more humorous is the tradition involving the doctor on duty when the baby is born. If the doctor is late, arriving after the baby is born, he or she may be expected to supply the hospital staff with a cake or other treat.

Birthday Cake

While the center of attention at many children’s birthday parties is the piñata, some Mexican celebrations involve the pushing of the honoree’s face into the birthday cake. Although you may be tempted, leave this action to someone who is associated with the birthday boy or girl. You don’t want to have to explain yourself in a household where this tradition isn’t valued.

Tamales for New Year’s Eve

You’ll find that many Mexican households spend New Year’s Eve assembling tamales, putting them out to steam over an open fire in the evening. There may be some fireworks to add to the glee of the occasion. The food and the company are fantastic.

Serenading Mothers

Las Mañanitas is a traditional song for various occasions, and many youth roam through their communities in the wee hours of Mother’s Day, serenading mothers. As a mother is awakened, she comes to the door to greet the group, passing out treats or inviting them in for hot chocolate or goodies.

Make Mexico Insurance from Your Tradition

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  • Chanda Harter
    November 3, 2015 6:13 pm

    Blending in with the locals and the environment you find in any country as well as knowing the local culture is imperative to a great stay in Mexico. To enhance your experience in Mexico you will also need to have Mexican auto insurance for top rated insurance coverage.

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