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Although Mexico’s reputation for the use of corn may be primarily tied to the tortilla, it is helpful to recognize that corn in its fresh state is also quite delicious in Mexican fare. You may find some such options at home if you visit ethnic communities, but you might just want to use this as an excuse to head south of the border for a weekend to explore on your own. Before you go, get your Mexico insurance for driving lined up so that you will be covered in case of an emergency. Your Mexican insurance coverage online can be arranged quickly and affordably.


Elote or Maíz?

While both terms refer to corn, the form of the corn may be the distinguishing factor in names. In dried form, you are more apt to hear the term maiz. When you are dealing with corn that has not yet been dried, elote is the more appropriate name. You’ll find foods that involve the use of one or both materials. The corn flour used to make tortillas and tamales is referred to as maseca.

Fresh corn can be a true treat in an agricultural community in Mexico. However, it makes its way to various locations for the rich and delicious street fare. Whole ears are roasted, wrapped in foil, and served with optional condiments that can be added liberally by the customer. Mayonnaise, butter, chile sauce, and queso seco are among the condiments to consider. Don’t want to tangle with a messy ear of corn? Elote in a vaso allows you to enjoy the same flavors in a cup.

Elote can also make its way into tamales. While meat-based tamales are typically quite savory and spicy, tamales de elote are sweet, much more like cornbread. Elote can be included in soups, especially in options like tortilla soup. It can also be added to pasta dishes to be served atop tostadas.

Protect Your Vehicle During Your Trip

Although your Mexico insurance for driving is primarily aimed at covering your costs in case of an accident, you may also find that your Mexican insurance coverage online can be handy if you have to leave your vehicle to explore a market in search of elote dishes. Research to be sure that your Mexico insurance for driving covers theft, partial theft, and vandalism.

Mexico insurance for driving from includes Roadside Assistance, and legal throughout Mexico at no additional charge


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  • Mexico offers exotic foods. One of these is their Elote Mexican Corn. For sure, you can’t wait for it when you get to Mexico with Mexico insurance.

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