Food Safety During Summer Travel in Mexico

It’s easy to get excited about the Mexican food choices as you drive through the country this summer. You may be eager to sample the spicy salsas and the various carne asada options as you go, but a food-related illness could put an early end to your trip. While your top-rated Mexico insurance policy does include provisions in case of trip interruption and grave illness, this really isn’t the memory that we hope for you to have of the country’s cuisine. Making smart choices in food is just as important as making smart choices in your Mexican auto insurance coverage.

Food Safety in Mexico

Refrigeration and Cleanliness

Take a look at the handling of the food you are contemplating. Although it may look and smell appealing, non-refrigerated meats and dairy products can be serious sources of issues such as salmonella and parasites. The stomach cramps are much worse in real life than you can begin to imagine, and you won’t feel like driving or doing anything else if you contract such an illness. You will want a good supply of gingerale or Sprite, some soda crackers and plenty of papel sanitario – toilet paper. Save yourself the misery by being observant and picky about what and where you eat. If you are suspicious about refrigeration, cleanliness or food-handling issues, find another stand or restaurant.

Types of Foods

Most foods are acceptable, but you will want to be especially cautious with pork products. Tacos al pastor are typically made with pork, and you will want to be sure that this meat is well-cooked. The same is true of pork chorizos and tocino – bacon. Although you may be okay, take time to be sure before you nibble. Your stomach will thank you.

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Water and Hand Washing

Drink bottled water or water from a facility that provides cleaning service and purified water. Don’t drink tap water. Although you may have water that is treated before it reaches your accommodations, you may not have the resistance needed to withstand local contaminants. Don’t ruin your vacation by assuming that you are invincible. Additionally, make it a practice to wash your hands before eating, especially if you’ve been out working in the community in a service activity. This provides an extra level of protection. Your top-rated Mexico insurance policy at is a critical protective measure for driving safely. It also includes travel arrangements in case of grave illness. You can review your insurance policy before you leave to verify the details.

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