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Whale Watching Tour at Sea of Cortez

Mexican Insurance for Canadians – Follow the Whales: Mexico Travel Information and Migration News

Although there have been a couple of serious accidents related to whale watching in North America in the last year, this is one of the greatest attractions for tourists. Winter sends the gray whales south to the tip of the Baja Peninsula to give birth to their calves, and you might be interested in a warmer climate for your own winter activities as well. You should make it a priority to find reliable Mexican insurance for Canadians. The whales don’t need permission to travel south of the border, but Mexican law requires that you have Mexican auto insurance for Canadians to ensure that your financial obligations are covered if you have an accident. Your Mexico insurance for Canadians also offers important assistance if you have trouble with your vehicle on the road.

Pro Tip: Mexican insurance for Canadians is required to drive on the toll roads, so buy Mexican auto insurance for Canadians online before leaving!

Whale patterns

The whale migration in the Baja area begins in December and continues through April. The ideal viewing time lasts from the middle of January through the middle of March. You’ll find that the up-close viewing options are promoted by businesses in some of the larger communities, but you might want to spend some quiet time on a beach just observing. You never know when you’ll be treated to a private viewing from shore! For the whale-centric trip, of course, a boating expedition to get close to the whales is probably the goal. If you are coming from Canada to enjoy an extended relief from the cold weather, however, then you can afford to spend time at a tranquil beach, which is probably free.

Driving Patterns

If you will be driving during your stay in Baja, then Mexico insurance for Canadians must be effective throughout your trip. Your Mexican insurance for Canadians can be purchased, reviewed, and managed online, which can save you time at the border and minimize frustrations. If your trip will last for at least three weeks, you will want to select a long-term Mexican auto insurance for Canadians to obtain the best level of value. Your Mexican insurance for Canadians includes a contact number for emergency assistance. Additionally, Mexico insurance for Canadians provides for legal assistance if you are involved in any car accidents.

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  • During spring, hundreds of whales go back to traditional breeding and giving birth in Mexico Baja Peninsula. Entertaining and engaging, whales are charmed with people, swimming right up to people’s boats.

  • Chong Forsyth
    February 8, 2016 5:31 pm

    Visit Mexico with your Mexico auto insurance. You can find whales from the deck of a boat or go eye-to-eye on small skiffs. Encounter with real whales won’t be as overwhelming as this in Mexico.

  • Genesis Devlin
    July 4, 2017 6:06 pm

    Before you can enjoy days in Mexico, focus on the required things for car traveling. And this involves purchasing Mexican insurance online.

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