Five Things To Consider When Finding a Mexican Wedding Location and Mexican Insurance Policy Considerations

Mexican insurance policy

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Mexican Insurance Policy Considerations and Five Things To Consider When Finding a Mexican Wedding Location 

When you decide to get married, a Mexican insurance policy may admittedly be the least of your concerns as you plan your Mexico wedding. However, you will need a reliable Mexican auto insurance coverage in advance of that wedding as you visit to handle initial decisions and preparations. If you don’t have a specific destination selected yet, you may want to consider the following factors.

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Budget: If your budget is limited, a far-away location may seem out of the question. This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy an exotic wedding spot. Tourist areas like Ensenada and Rocky Point are within close range of the border, allowing for minimal travel costs in Mexico. Resort weddings in these areas may be more affordable than in distant areas known for ritzy weddings.

Guest list: If your guest list is minimal, you may prefer a distant location that is easily reached by cruise ship or air. However, an extensive list of guests may be difficult to accommodate in a location that requires expensive methods of travel. If the presence of many guests is a priority, driving destinations that are closer to the border may be ideal. Remember that all guests need a Mexican auto insurance coverage for their vehicles.

A valid Mexican insurance policy is required!

Pro tip: You need a Mexican insurance policy to drive on the toll highways. To make it easier and safer on your friends, make sure they buy a Mexican auto insurance coverage before leaving!

Time: If you don’t have a lot of time to spend in the country, you may prefer a quick form of travel. Air travel to an exotic location can be fast and efficient. Driving can be efficient if you select a close-to-the-border spot for your wedding.

A legal wedding in Mexico is actually a civil event, lacking in symbolism and decorum. You may want to choose a destination that allows for easy access in advance of your ceremonial event so that the civil ceremony can be handled easily. Also remember that a wedding coordinator can minimize the work on your part. Fortunately, you’ll find this service readily available at wedding destinations throughout Mexico.

A Mexican insurance policy is required for all motorists, making it a matter of obeying the law as you select coverage. Be sure to pick up Mexican auto insurance coverage before driving across the border.

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