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If you are looking for family-friendly adventures in Mexico, you may enjoy some dolphin-themed attractions throughout the nation. With so much coastline, Mexico offers numerous beach and boating locations as well. However, during the planning stages of your trip, you may wonder whether flying or driving is the better choice. If you are driving, Mexico insurance from will cover you throughout the Republic of Mexico. However, you may need to research Mexican auto insurance options for rental vehicles if you rent from the US.

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Dolphin Attractions in Mexico

One of the most recent attractions to open is the Dolphin Discovery in the Riviera Maya. Located near Cancún, the spot hosts four bottlenose dolphins and allows visitors to interact with the creatures from the lagoon or an observation deck. The swim adventure or royal swim options may be the most exciting options for older children, sure to result in a lifetime of great memories.

A similar attraction is available in Puerto Vallarta, an area more accessible for a family driving in Mexico. The trip to Vallarta entails a couple of days of driving, but the dolphin swim activities include options such as kids swimming free or in trainer for a day’s activities. Again, online booking makes it easier to reserve space without stressing over language interactions.

A Cabo Dolphins site is yet another great option for those traveling by car or plane. Cabo is a few days’ travels down Mexican Highway 1, and a dolphin experience is a fantastic way to keep your trip kid-friendly. Cabo may be one of the areas best-suited to RV travel, an outstanding choice for the family vacation. Whether you take a sedan or an RV, Mexico insurance from is important to protect you against the unexpected.

Special Considerations During Family Driving Vacations in Mexico

Families with young children will want to plan for frequent stops. And it’s wise to bring extra toilet paper and wipes for stops in more remote rest facilities. An RV may be preferable in this case because you always have facilities within reach. If you tow your sedan, be sure to add it to your RV’s Mexico insurance from Your sedan may also need its own Mexican auto insurance options for various driving scenarios.

Mexico insurance from comes with FREE Roadside Assistance.

Affordable and Family-Friendly Destinations for Short Mexico Vacations – Mexican Insurance Policy for Travel

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