If you love authentic Mexican cuisine, then a quick dash across the border is the best way to get a quick fix of your favorite fare. Whether you are a fan of carne asada tacos or pollos rostizados, there’s nothing quite like enjoying it at a little spot south of the border as you sip a cool Fanta. Make sure you get your Mexican insurance online before you go so that you can explore at your leisure. In fact, selecting a long-term policy as you buy your Mexico insurance online will ensure that you can make this trek regularly. MexicanInsuranceStore.com is a great resource for this and all of your Mexican insurance online insurance needs.

Seafood Specialties

Coastal regions are especially well-known for seafood options that can really strike a pleasant chord with the tastebuds. Ensenada is a great destination if you want a fish taco. Only an hour from Tijuana, you can enjoy the beauty of the Pacific sunset while indulging in a tortilla-clad piece of deep-fried fish. With a long-term selection of Mexican insurance online, you will be able to spend the night in a local hotel and think about huevos rancheros for breakfast before you head back.

Along the Sea of Cortez side of the Baja Peninsula, you can relish similar dishes in San Felipe, Loreto or Mulege. If you have a few days, why not head all the way down to the tip of Baja, Cabo San Lucas. Of course, many travelers will find that mainland seaside areas are equally attractive for ocean fare. Don’t head to Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta or Acapulco without getting your comprehensive Mexican insurance online. Your long drive can cause you to face a number of road and weather conditions that could lead to challenges with your vehicle, and MexicanInsuranceStore.com has policies that include emergency roadside assistance.

The Best Tacos

Every Mexican state has its own specialties in food. The best taco in Jalisco may vary greatly from that found in Michoacan. An open mind is important. A hardy stomach may be required in some instances. The easiest place to find a variety of taco and meat options is on the Baja Peninsula. You’ll find tacos al pastor, carne asada tacos, tacos al vapor and tacos de adobada. A little exploring will lead you to regional favorites, and your purchase of a long-term policy of Mexico insurance online ensures the protection of your vehicle as you go.

When you travel to Mexico do you purchase Mexican insurance online or at the border?


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Exploring the Cuisines of Mexico

Learn about Exploring the Cuisines of Mexico Exploring the Cuisines of Mexico

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