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Soup is great comfort food for a chilly night, a perfect evening meal during your Baja travels. You’ll find lots of options, many available in restaurant settings. You can also watch for mom-and-pop diners that display advertising such as, “Posole los Domingos,” – posole on Sundays. The fare can be as simple as the latest in calabacita and other veggies. Or it can be complex with certain meat and bones used as the basis for the broth. You do need to have up-to-date Mexican auto insurance online with MexicanInsuranceStore.com for your trip. Check out Baja rate recommendations for Mexico insurance options prior to your travel date.

Posole Soup Mexico

Favorite Soups in Baja

There are numerous soup choices in Mexico, and you’ll find most of them available in Baja due to the migration of field workers to the area from other parts of the country. Both posole and menudo tend to use large granules of maiz as the main substance with a rich, hearty broth. The maker’s preference may be beef, pork or chicken, meaning that your posole could have a different flavor from one sampling to the next.

One of the most common themes with such soups is the use of vegetables and other flavorings to enhance the soup. Shredded cabbage, minced onions and slice radishes offer crunch and substance. Tostadas or tortilla chips add salt and soak up some of the broth. Limes are used to add a zing, and cilantro brings a savory flair to the bowl. Chile may be incorporated into the soup, but a bowl is typically available on the side for those who want more spice. The great thing about this approach to serving soup is that the consumer can add as much or as little of an ingredient as desired.

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Reminders for Your Baja Travels

It is easy to recreate a soup like posole at home, a great reminder of your travels in Baja. However, the experience of enjoying an evening meal of posole or other soups is well worth the effort during your trip. Your insurance can be used for a single trip, but you may want to consider a full year of Mexico insurance options if you live close enough to the border for repeat visits. Mexican auto insurance online with MexicanInsuranceStore.com opens the door for many such culinary adventures. There are many Mexico insurance options depending on your preference.

Mexican auto insurance online with MexicanInsuranceStore.com comes with legal and roadside assistance for you peace of mind.

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