Ensenada getaways for LA residents – Mexican insurance for Los Angeles

Mexican insurance for Los Angeles
Ensenada wine country

Mexican insurance for Los Angeles – Ensenada getaways for LA residents

The four-hour drive from Los Angeles to Ensenada is a small price for the stress free life south of the border. Moving beyond Tijuana, traffic thins out and allows you to breathe easier as the fresh ocean air replaces the smoggy California haze. You can buy Mexican insurance for Los Angeles as you plan your escape. Mexican auto insurance for Los Angeles is available online at reasonable pricing and with exceptional quality. Your online access to Mexican car insurance for Los Angeles makes it possible to streamline your driving time and stops as you head straight for the Mexican border.

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En route to Ensenada

For the new traveler from L.A. to Ensenada, the trip is rather simple. Most of the driving will be in California on I-5 heading south. Upon reaching San Ysidro, you will approach the border crossing, so have your Mexican auto insurance for Los Angeles vehicles prior to reaching the point of no return. Some visitors will wait until after the cross the border, but timing and pricing may be unpredictable because you have little way of researching your choices before stopping. Online Mexican insurance for Los Angeles allows you more time to compare pricing, terms, and features, making this a much more sensible way to ensure that you have enough coverage.

You may also find Mexican businesses selling policies on the other side of the border, but these can be equally unpredictable in pricing and terms. If you reach the border without Mexican insurance for Los Angeles, you can still purchase online from an iPhone.

So you have Mexican insurance for Los Angeles. Now what? 

After crossing the border, head south on Mexican Highway 1 for approximately one hour. Your drive will take you along the Pacific Ocean, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful view. There are several small beach communities along the way, including Puerto Nuevo, which is known for its wonderful lobster meals. You can fan out from Ensenada to explore more southern communities like Puerto Tomás, or you can venture inland to view Baja’s wine country.

Pro Tip: You need Mexican insurance for Los Angeles to drive on the toll roads!

Mexican insurance for Los Angeles comes with Roadside Assistance included! 

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  • Harley Edmisten
    March 31, 2015 10:21 pm

    In addition to Mexican insurance, the next thing to secure is the tourist card. Canadian and US citizens going to Mexico get their tourist card at the immigration office of Mexico. It takes only minutes to obtain your card.

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