Eating and Drinking Recommendations from Your Mexico Insurance Online Policy Team

Eating and Drinking Recommendations from Your Mexico Insurance Online Policy Team

Your Mexican vacation provides lots of unique opportunities to enjoy regional cuisine. However, you can also experience some side effects if you aren’t careful about what and where you eat. In a worst-case scenario, your Mexico insurance online policy can provide some assistance. In case of a grave illness, for example, your Mexico auto insurance with offers help with accommodations, emergency airfare or even travel costs for you or someone to come visit you. However, our team wants you to enjoy your vacation. We recommend common sense in your indulgence in some of the best cuisine in the world.

What You Can’t See Can Hurt You

You really don’t want to be shuttled to the rural hospital as you are gripped with severe stomach pains because of food poisoning. While this isn’t a common issue, it can happen. The team coordinating your Mexico insurance online policy understands this from first-hand experience, and we recommend that before you buy from that street vendor or roadside booth, you should make a careful visual inspection of the activity and food handling. This is best handled at a time when your prospective eating venue is busy.

Watch for handling of the plates. Are they washed? Are they wiped off with a dish towel and promptly re-used? Pay attention. Is that meat for the tacos al pastor sitting in a refrigerator or does it appear to have been on the counter all afternoon? Is that queso fresco out in the open? Friend, you are prime for trouble if you go ahead and order anyway. While you are inspecting, make sure that you know where the nearest farmacía is. You might find one next to the local clínica. Safe food is fine, and many nice restaurants and stands are available for your enjoyment. You don’t need to cut your travels short because of food poisoning, but you owe it to yourself to avoid those settings that scream salmonella.

Water is another priority. While you may find some cities with public water treatment facilities, the contaminants that remain may be enough to cause you some discomfort. The experts in Mexico auto insurance with may not be experts in public utilities in Mexico, but we can guarantee that when we travel in Mexico, it’s bottled water throughout the trip for us. Highway travel in all of Mexico now requires you be insured so you may be asked for your Mexico insurance online policy while on your trip. Make sure to make extra copies.

Any Mexico insurance online policy from Mexicaninsurance comes with Bail Bond, Legal, and Roadside Assistance at no additional cost.


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  • Keren Moseley
    May 13, 2014 4:00 pm

    Travelling to Mexico for their mouth watering dishes is a dream for everyone as they offer many delicate dishes from seafood to their cultural spicy cuisines. Get Mexican insurance right away as they coordinate you to the best hotels restaurants.

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