Don’t Believe These 5 Myths About A Mexican Insurance Online Policy

The team that provides you with  top-rated Mexican insurance online policy protection has been checking into some common myths that travelers consider when they search for the right coverage for driving in Mexico. We consider Mexico car insurance from Mexican Insurance to be a priority any time you cross the border, we realize that buying into these myths could cost you dearly during your travels. Here are five common myths that may keep you from growing as a traveler:

Mexico car insurance

1. I don’t need a Mexican insurance Online Policy 

While you may figure that you don’t need coverage, you will change your tune if it involved you in any type of an accident over the border. At that point, unfortunately, you will disprove the myth yourself, and you will face the authorities without representation.

2. A Mexican insurance Online Policy is a scam 

We assure you, the business is legitimate and the need is real. While there are some scammy operations out there, our partners are highly-rated and our pricing is excellent.

3. I can just pick up a policy at the border

While you can stop at a border shack to handle your purchase, you may find that they will advise you of the best choices without any real proof of quality of coverage versus price comparisons. Additionally, your paper-written policy may not make it to Mexican authorities until your trip is over. Mexican car insurance from is instantly transmitted to Mexican databases to ensure that you can verify your policy.

4. My current policy should cover me wherever I travel 

A few U.S. or Canada-based policies might include border zone physical damage coverage. However, your US or Canadian car insurance liability coverage isn’t acceptable to the Mexico authorities, meaning that an accident can leave you in jail and in serious legal and financial trouble.

5. I can get Coverage in Mexico

It is advisable to opt for a policy that is highly rated with terms that you can understand. You may find that foreign seller to be iffy. And you may not get an adequate Mexican insurance online policy with travel assistance services. One example: Most policies sold by unrated local Mexico insurers at the border allow repairs in Mexico only. If you forget, however, you can visit our site for a Mexican insurance online policy from The Internet actually works in Mexico too!

Three Bad Ideas When Driving in Mexico

Tourists relaxing on a beautiful sandy beach on Cozumel island, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

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  • Tawanda Goodlow
    May 13, 2014 4:00 pm

    It is necessary to get your car insured from a trustworthy and legal company for Mexico. This will always help you out in your dire moments. Mexico insurance claims your protection and assist you every step of journey.

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