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While you may be familiar with some regional Mexican foods in restaurants back home, you may find that there are some surprisingly delicious choices that are amazingly simple as you spend time in Mexico. You can buy Mexico insurance online for a quick exploratory trip to check out the culinary scene. Compare Mexican insurance quotes for short- and long-term travel plans. Buy Mexico insurance online at in order to drive on highways in Mexico.

Blue corn tortilla chips isolated on white

Stale Tortillas? Really?

Many of the most familiar Mexican dishes simply re-purpose a huge Mexican staple. People purchase corn tortillas by kilo, and they serve all kinds of purposes in Mexican cuisine. Some will slap a bit of butter or mayonnaise on a fresh tortilla for a quick snack. Piping hot, a fresh corn tortilla is delicious without any condiments. Sprinkle a bit of salt on and roll it up for just a tinge of extra flavor. Use a corn tortilla to sop up soup or scoop up beans. You might be surprised at the innovation as some indigenous cooks might offer soup without spoons. Try eating a full bowl of soup with only a stack of tortillas!

When tortillas become stale, however, they can be tough to stomach. They get hard, and chewy, and you might figure that they are not good. Unfortunately, this isn’t an option for a small income. Rather, a truly innovative cook will figure out how to make use of those tortillas. Tostadas, enchiladas, tortilla chips, tortilla soup, and other foods are examples of how to use stale tortillas without looking like you’re serving leftovers. Chilaquiles are great for maximizing the value of day-old tortillas, and the approaches to making them are varied. Torn or chopped into tortilla chip sizes, the tortilla pieces may be used fried or as they are. Mixed with an ample supply of heated salsa, the meat of choice and cheese, you will have a casserole that is delicious. Try one or two versions in Mexican cafes, and put your creative juices to work back home.

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