Considering Residing in Mexico and Maintaining Mexican insurance for cars with


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Mexican insurance for cars with – Considering Residing in Mexico

You may wonder if your Mexican insurance for cars with will remain the same if you choose to live in Mexico on a part- or full-time basis. While you will still need Mexico insurance online to drive legally, your coverage options may change if you import your vehicle and use Mexican license plates. However, your coverage shouldn’t change dramatically if you will continue to operate a vehicle with foreign plates. Mexican insurance for cars with is or its equivalent is now required in order to drive legally on highways in Mexico, either way. Some additional issues to consider if you are thinking about residing in Mexico include the following:

  • Visa – a short stay in a border zone is typically fine without government permission. However, leaving the border zone or staying more than 72 hours requires that a visitor have a tourist visa. This can usually be obtained right at the border just after passing through the lights. While many visitors choose to ignore this process, officials at military checkpoints may question about them. Mexico’s Napoleonic Code makes it prudent to carry this documentation if you will be staying in a location beyond the border zone. A tourist visa is typically valid for a six-month period.
  • Living conditions – you may need to adapt to a different approach to issues such as home comfort management, cooking and heating. In most cases, heating and cooling systems are not installed in Mexican homes. Supplemental heaters or fans may be used to address indoor comfort needs, and it would be wise to take along a couple of each based on the timing of your stay.
  • Supplies – if you will be staying in a rural area, you may find that options are limited and prices are high when you shop for groceries and other household goods. It may be beneficial to plan for occasional stock-up trips in nearby larger communities, especially if chain stores such as Calimax are available.

Mexican insurance for cars with continues to serve your needs while you are in a transitional stage of deciding whether to become a full-time resident. You can also make use of your roadside assistance features in your Mexican insurance for cars with Online access to your Mexico insurance online even enables you to make updates while you are in Mexico as you log onto your account from a computer or wireless device.

Mexican insurance for cars with comes with Free Roadside Assistance throughout all of Mexico.

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