College Break in Mexico – Community Choices, Driving Information and Car Insurance for Mexico

Car Insurance for Mexico

College Break in Mexico

Car Insurance for Mexico – College Break in Mexico – Community Choices and Driving Information

If you are looking for a great way to decompress as finals draw to a close, a short getaway to Mexico might be just what you need. You might want to wait until the holidays conclude to get the best rates at motels, but you can expect consistent pricing whether you purchase your car insurance for Mexico now or just before your trip. A Mexican car insurance policy is a legal requirement for all motorists.

Important Details About Your Mexican car insurance policy

A Mexican car insurance policy from allows for multiple drivers, but all drivers using your car insurance for Mexico during a trip must be at least 21 years old and present a valid drivers license. If you will travel with friends who are under that age, it is in your best interest to avoid having them drive.

It is also important to note that if you drive a vehicle that is not your own, you may have a hard time recovering it if it is impounded because of an accident or legal situation. Although your car insurance for Mexico might be issued in your name, you should carry a letter of permission that indicates your authorization to drive the vehicle in Mexico. If you are in an accident, the owner of the vehicle may be the only one permitted to retrieve it. If you drive a vehicle that is registered to your parents, make sure that they are in the loop with regard to your travel plans.

Important Considerations with Car Insurance for Mexico – Community Considerations

In many cases, college students select towns that have an active night life. Although you might have a secure location for your vehicle, it is definitely wise to opt for comprehensive physical damage coverage (aka FULL COVERAGE)  in a Mexican car insurance policy. In case of theft, a liability-only product will not cover the loss. You may also want to think about expanding your car insurance for Mexico to include protection for vandalism and partial theft, issues that can be of even greater concern in more active communities and large cities. You will also want to remember that your coverage could be invalidated in case of certain illegal activities such as driving while under the influence.

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