Changing Your Mexican Insurance Policy in an Emergency

The Cajon Pass blaze is an example of unexpected changes that can interfere with your vacation plans, and anyone heading to Mexico who had to re-route or wait because of this event might be frustrated about their Mexican insurance policy. However, you can make changes prior to the start date of your Mexico insurance coverage by logging onto your account. If your policy is already active, you may be able to cancel with a pro-rated refund. You can do it if the policy is less than 20 days in force. This scenario provides the perfect opportunity to review potential travel emergencies. These are events that you could face both at home and abroad as you travel by motor vehicle.

Insurance Policy.

Major Delays

While your delay at home might simply be a matter of inconvenience, a delay in another country could affect your Mexican insurance policy, your connections on airlines, and other time-sensitive plans. In some cases, delays can occur because of official situations such as parades, military checkpoints, or strikes. Safety may not be a huge concern in these cases. But you might need to extend your Mexico insurance coverage. Indeed, this is the case if you won’t make it back to the border as planned. In the case of a weather related situation or natural disaster, you might have some communication limitations that would prevent you from extending your Mexican insurance policy. However, it is important to get supplemental coverage as soon as possible if your policy has expired. You will want to stay off the road as much as possible until such a situation is resolved.

Vehicle Emergencies

If your travel delay in Mexico is due to mechanical problems with your vehicle, you can take advantage of the add-on benefits of your Mexican insurance policy. Roadside help is available at no extra charge, enabling you to get a jump or a tow as needed. Help is available if you run out of fuel, have a flat tire, or lock yourself out. Towing is typically provided to the nearest town or repair location. It may be helpful to input the hotline into your smartphone ahead of your trip so that you are readily able to make contact in case of an emergency.

Each Mexican insurance policy from Mexican Insurance includes Roadside Assistance, bail bond, and legal at no additional charge for peace of mind on your vacation


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  • Sharen Lamphere
    August 18, 2015 5:26 pm

    You will be advised about the best product that suits your needs and situation. Policy holders of Mexican Insurance Store are advised to do informed decisions on their policy.

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