Caving and Other Adventure Travel in Mexico – Mexican insurance policy by Mexican Insurance Store

Mexican insurance policy

Caving in Mexico

Mexican insurance policy by Mexican Insurance Store – Caving and Other Adventure Travel in Mexico

Mexico offers many exotic adventure experiences, making it an attractive destination for the thrill seeker. It is important to take some precautions in your adventure and exploration, especially if you are a novice. While the sights may be beautiful, worth a little exertion, you can’t transform from novice to expert with just one outing. Bravado in these activities should not translate to risk taking with your Mexican insurance policy by Mexican Insurance Store. Be sure that you have sufficient Mexican car insurance based on the destination and timing for your adventure.

Caving, Jungles, and Uncharted Terrain

Remember that you are a tourist. Whether it’s the first or fifteenth time you’ve visited an area, you don’t have the same familiarity that a native will have. Solo activities are not recommended, especially for foreigners, so be sure to go with a buddy as you do any remote activities without a guide. GPS and other technology may be familiar at home, but in a foreign setting, you may find that directions aren’t equivalent in nature. Check your travel routes with knowledgeable locals before heading out. Remember that off-road activity is not covered in your Mexican car insurance, making it risky to drive on dirt paths that depart from recognized thoroughfares. Although things might appear to be safe, you will be without coverage if you have an accident in the wilderness.

Enlisting a Guide

Your Mexican insurance policy by Mexican Insurance Store allows for unlimited drivers as long as they possess valid driver’s licenses and are at least 21 years old. Allowing a Mexican citizen to drive your vehicle to an adventure site is not a wise idea because you could potentially invalidate your policy. It may be better to select a guided adventure in which the transportation is provided by your guide. When you select your Mexican insurance policy by Mexican Insurance Store, you may not be thinking about guides and tours. However, you may want to consider the potential for accidents while you are away from your vehicle. A parked vehicle might be monitored by a business coordinating adventure travel. However, an unattended vehicle does pose at least a slight risk of vandalism or theft. Consider full coverage to guard against such a loss.

Each Mexican insurance policy by Mexican Insurance Store comes with legal, repair in the US and roadside assistance throughout Mexico

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    If something bad happens when you are driving in Mexico, don’t feel upset. Mexican Insurance Store is there to support you throughout the complete claims process.

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