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 Mexico insurance from – Buy Mexican vacation property

If your summer vacation in Mexico has inspired you to find a vacation home for future travel, the fall is the best time head back to search for the right property. It may be helpful to find a real estate professional to guide you toward a community with the amenities you desire. If you plan to make several scouting trips to find a good spot, you should pick up annual Mexico insurance from Your Mexican auto insurance at is written for one specific vehicle, and additional coverage is needed if you will vary the vehicles driven.

How to legally acquire land

It is important to note that a foreigner is not actually able to own land in Mexico and a leasing approach is taken for someone who wants to have a vacation home. Work with a reputable real estate company that has experience in land deals involving foreigners. You might prefer to build your own home! Much will depend on your resources and the time you have available to travel back and forth. Again, working with reputable professionals is important so that legal corners aren’t cut. While it is tempting to bypass governmental red tape, this can create frustrations later on.

Remember that Mexico insurance from is required to drive on toll roads! Without Mexican auto insurance at, you could be on the road longer.

Security interests

If your vacation home will be unoccupied much of the time, you will want to consider security features that can limit the potential for vandalism, theft or other damages. Both rural and urban properties that are left unattended could be vulnerable, and partnering with a management company may be helpful to ensure that your vacation property is monitored for problems.

You need Mexico insurance from!

As you continue to visit the country on a part-time basis, use Mexican auto insurance at for your travel protection. Mexico insurance from is intended for foreign-plated vehicles traveling in the nation, and your coverage can be set up for up to one full year. If you transition into a full-time resident with a Mexican-plated vehicle, you will need an alternative to Mexican auto insurance at

Mexico insurance from gives you peace of mind!

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