Braving the Language Learning Process

Are you intimidated about trying to function in a foreign language? Here are some tips for getting to know Spanish as you spend time south of the border. Of course, you can start before you go by interacting with others in restaurants or stores. You might want to keep your dictionary or smartphone app close during such adventures. However, immersion learning can be fun and funny without a dictionary too. You will also need a quality Mexico insurance policy if you plan on driving down. Mexican auto insurance online is explained in English, and if you need clarification, you can always email or call for more information.

Pick up Spanish at Cafe Corazon

How much Spanish would you like to learn?

If you spend a day in a tourist area at the border in Mexico, you may get in just as much English speaking as Spanish. It may be fun to note the thick accents striving with words that flow from your own tongue. And English idioms may seem oddly strewn through the conversation. When you’ve heard one American phrase too many, remember this is an individual who is making the effort to learn. Additionally, recognize that this is how many English speakers appear as they use unfamiliar or new Spanish vocabulary. Don’t be afraid to start simply in these border settings.

If you really want to expand your language abilities, move on to an area that provides little access to English speakers. Remember to buy a quality Mexico insurance policy if you plan on traveling south! Mexican auto insurance online is required for toll roads, so you might have a more difficult journey without it. And obviously, an insurance policy will save you if you get into an accident.

You don’t necessarily need to leave border cities to find more intensive Spanish-speaking opportunities, though you still need a quality Mexico insurance policy. However, you may need to venture out of the border zone. Find a colonia with a sobreruedos, flea market, and spend an afternoon browsing. Visit a Calimax and do a little grocery shopping. You will absorb a lot of vocabulary just by reading food labels in another language.

Quality Mexico insurance policy

Travel farther south

As you reach more rural communities, you can work on your language skills even more. Every gasoline stop, taco stand, or little market is an opportunity to practice, and frequent practice will allow you to build your vocabulary.

How Quality Mexico Insurance Policy can help in ways you wouldn’t expect

Bilingual help is available with your Mexican auto insurance online from if you have an issue that requires attention. While guessing at a word’s meaning may be educational, in the midst of an accident or emergency, it could be stressful. Your insurance policy allows you to discuss the issues with qualified English-speaking staff as needed. Also, don’t forget that you can use your Mexican insurance policy at to help you with many transportation-related problems you might face across the border.

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