Better Border Travel Tips for Mexico with Mexican auto insurance from

Mexican auto insurance from
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Mexican auto insurance from and Better Border Travel Tips for Mexico

If you are crossing the border for the first time, you may be a little nervous about what to expect. It’s not that big of a deal, you just need to be prepared.

You need a passport. Because you are driving, Mexican auto insurance from is a priority. While you don’t need to show proof of insurance upon your arrival in Mexico, if you get into an accident without Mexico insurance at, you risk jail time.

Arriving at the border

The border area where you enter the country may vary depending on what state you’re coming across. Avoid crossing during rush hour traffic. A long wait may also be expected on a weekend morning or on a Friday afternoon or evening due to tourism. Mid-day activity may be a little lighter if you don’t want to get up early.

Each vehicle must stop as it pulls up to the light at the entrance, waiting for a green signal to continue. In some instances, an individual may be signaled to pull over to an inspection area.

Remember to buy Mexican auto insurance from before crossing the border!

Mexico insurance at is now required in Mexico to drive on the toll roads. Without Mexican auto insurance from, you not only put yourself at risk, but it might take longer to get there too.

Leaving the country

Just as there are times that can be hectic on your way in, this is true as you leave. Weekend afternoons and evenings tend to be the most active exit times. Sundays may involve long waits from early in the day. Your Mexican auto insurance from is still relevant as there is potential for accidents in line. However, you may want to plan for a less active exit time.

Mexican auto insurance from gives you peace of mind because it comes with roadside assistance and many extras.

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