Beat the Border Rush with Mexico Insurance

Memorial Day may be hectic in the U.S. but it’s a great time for relaxing in Mexico. However, it’s important to consider the fact that beaches and getaway spots closer to the border will see more action than those that require a bit of driving to reach. You can pick up Mexico insurance so that you don’t have to stop at a crowded border booth. If you would like to make the long weekend a restful one, considering heading south of Ensenada for some sunshine, surf, and great food. Print your Mexican insurance for autos, pack your bags, and go!

Tulum Caribbean beach in Riviera Maya

Beautiful beach spots

The San Quintin Valley is a wonderful area to explore as you look for a quiet beach. You may not be the only people on the beach, but you definitely won’t face the crowds on a U.S. holiday. The sand has a beautiful sheen because of shiny flecks, making it a charming spot for a mid-morning stroll or for an afternoon of swimming and sunbathing. Don’t drive on the sand, because Mexico insurance does not cover off-road driving. Beat the border rush by heading out on a Thursday night or Friday afternoon so that you can reach your destination without much fuss. You can find area hotels in many of the towns throughout the valley.

You may also want to consider a campground at one of the beaches. If you tow an RV with your car, remember that both vehicles must have Mexican insurance for autos. In either case, your drive should be uneventful and easy. You may see more agricultural traffic than anything as semi-trucks head both directions. The valley is known as a major area for growing of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and strawberries.

Small town amenities

You may want to come with the majority of your groceries if you plan to camp on the beach. However, there are numerous small stores and a couple of larger grocery stores in the area. Be aware that pricing may be higher than what you would find at home. However, you can manage the goods available in the area if you want to travel light. There are also lots of little spots to stop for meals.

Drive across the border legally with Mexico insurance

Your Mexican insurance for autos really is not optional, and having an accident without coverage could lead to an extended stay as you hash out financial and legal issues. Your Mexico insurance also covers roadside help and travel interruption issues if you run into trouble during your travels. As long as you keep a copy of your Mexico insurance in the car, you will be safe and covered.

Mexico insurance at is required on toll roads!

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