Live in Phoenix? Head to Sonora for beach time

Mexican car insurance for Phoenix

Sonora sea resort

If you live in Phoenix, there’s plenty of shopping options. Especially in Scottsdale.

But you want to enjoy the ocean, it’s just a short drive to the Sea of Cortez. There are a variety of outdoor recreational activities as well as relaxing spots. Don’t forget to acquire Mexican car insurance for Phoenix, as you may need help. Fortunately, it only takes a few minutes of research to find Mexican auto insurance for Phoenix AZ residents. (Your coverage should be effective prior to crossing the border)

Next stop – Rocky Point

The drive from Phoenix to Puerto Peñasco takes about four hours on the road. The greater part of this trip occurs on Arizona soil as you travel AZ 85 to the Lukeville border crossing. You’ll spend the last hour and a half driving inside Mexico. As you cross the border, you need to have your passport. Although you might not need it, you can bet they will examine it coming back to the US. Make sure all your documents are in order.

Your Mexican auto insurance is unlikely to be used unless you need roadside assistance. However, not having proof of coverage could be disastrous. An online policy is helpful because you can pull up your policy information quickly and easily. Your Internet-driven policy can be verified by the Mexican authorities within minutes of your purchase.

What about trip timing?

The summer months are usually less busy in Rocky Point due to the the extreme heat. However as an Arizona resident, you’re probably well-acquainted with this issue. Travel safely, carrying plenty of drinking water and bring a reliable cellphone that works in Mexico. If you break down on the way to your destination, remember offers towing support at no additional cost. You can also get help with a flat tire or dead battery with this benefit. Be sure that you select coverage that will be effective throughout the entire travel period.

The Best Place To Get Mexican insurance for Phoenix, Arizona drivers!

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  • Glennie Parrott
    October 1, 2017 6:34 pm

    Make sure your Mexico insurance gives you adequate coverage levels to avoid being imprisoned. Make sure it also provides adequate liability.

  • Each state in Mexico has different liability limits in case of an at fault fatality.

  • Aretha Eckert
    December 8, 2017 4:58 pm

    Mexico has some of the best fishing spots. While you contemplate on the dates to enjoy this activity in Mexico, buy Mexico insurance first for security.

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