Beach fun in Rocky Point – Mexican insurance for Rocky Point

Mexican insurance for Rocky Point

Rocky Point aka Puerto Penasco

Mexican insurance for Rocky Point – Beach fun in Rocky Point

The summer months in Rocky Point may seem rather hot and humid, not the time of choice for some tourists. However, the lull in activity during this season makes this the ideal time to enjoy the region without feeling boxed in by other tourists. Whether you are looking for an indulgent resort vacation or considering buying property in the area, you can get ready for your trip by securing Mexican insurance for Rocky Point before you leave home. Your Mexican auto insurance for Rocky Point must be effective for the duration of your time in Mexico, but you can update your Mexican car insurance for Rocky Point online if you decide to extend your time in the country.

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Beaches for recreation

Although you will want to be well-stocked on sunscreen and bottled water, you will find that the beaches aimed at tourists are a great option for a quick summer getaway. One of the most popular beaches is Playa Mirador. You’ll also find Bahía La Choya as an active location for more of a sporting focus. However, resorts along the Sea of Cortez also provide beautiful poolside relaxation that allows you to enjoy your retreat from your daily routine.

Residential beaches

Some Rocky Point beaches are private, accessible to property owners in the area. However, rental of a home in one of these spots may allow you access to these more restricted zones. You may want to try this before pursuing a plan of buying your own Rocky Point property so that you will have a sense of the atmosphere. Mexican auto insurance for Rocky Point is still necessary during your time in such an area, even if you stay on an extended basis and drive minimally. Garaging your vehicle at a Rocky Point property over a longer period of time might seem harmless, but it is wise to guard against loss through theft, which could occur in your absence.

Pro Tip: Mexican insurance for Rocky Point is now required across the border, so pick up Mexican car insurance for Rocky Point before taking off!

How does Mexican insurance for Rocky Point cover other driving situations and vehicles?

If you bring ATVs, a golf cart, or other off-road vehicles, you will need to update your Mexican auto insurance for Rocky Point to ensure that you are properly covered for towing. Those off-road vehicles may have some coverage options but this is typically dependent on how those off-road vehicles will be used. Off-road activity is never covered by your policy.

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  • Start driving to Rocky Point because the place makes the perfect tourist destination. However, there are some beaches which are private and accessible to the property owners only.  

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