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Mexican Insurance Coverage – Be Smart When Drinking in Mexico

While you might love the idea of being able to enjoy the party scene in Mexico, it is important to temper your indulgence if you will be driving. The drinking age is lower in Mexico than in the United States, which can create a bit of temptation for those who are under 21. While drinking under the age of 21 is legal, you might be surprised to know that drivers under 21 years of age are not covered under your Mexican insurance coverage. It is important to comply with the terms of your Mexico car insurance to avoid serious legal and financial backlash in case of an auto accident.

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Is a DUI a big deal in Mexico?

The blood alcohol limit in Mexico is comparable to that in most U.S. states. A BAC over .08 can be considered a case of DUI. However, an auto accident is considered a felony even if alcohol is not at issue. Driving with any alcohol in your system could create complications if you are in a wreck. Further, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol could invalidate your Mexico car insurance, which could leave you without legal and financial support for your incident. Driving after drinking is a behavior that could be risky, making it wise to work with a legal designated driver. A driver under the age of 21 could also result in nullification of your policy if that individual is involved in an accident while driving.

Pro Tip: Mexican insurance coverage is required to drive the toll roads, so make sure to pick up Mexico car insurance before you leave!

Bringing alcohol home

Although those under 21 may be able to consume alcohol in Mexico, it is not legal for those individuals to bring it home. Those who are at least 21 are permitted to bring up to 1 liter duty-free. However, the product must be legal in that party’s state of residence.

What else comes with Mexican insurance coverage?

Legal assistance with your Mexico car insurance can be helpful if you are in a serious accident. This provides for bilingual representation and help with bail if needed. This could also be helpful if officials are trying to exaggerate the costs associated with your driving and an accident.

Mexican insurance coverage from includes Roadside Assistance for peace of mind!

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  • Margorie Mendenhall
    July 25, 2017 6:25 pm

    Finding a getaway in Mexico is fun-filled. All you have to do is to know safety measures to guarantee everything is okay. And nothing can be better than heading to Mexico with auto insurance.

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