Mexico Auto Insurance and the Law of Alcohol in Mexico!

Before visiting any foreign country, its smart to study up about its various laws and rules. Just because you are a visitor doesnt mean you are exempt from the law of the land. If you break the law, you could easily end up behind bars. Many people have misconceptions about the law concerning alcohol in Mexico. Just as buying Mexico auto insurance is important, its also important to be aware of how the law views alcohol use. Before you even check Mexico car insurance at online Mexican Insurance Store, take the time to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of enjoying alcohol safely in Mexico, as they will help you avoid a whole lot of trouble.

The Drinking Age in Mexico

No matter how old you are, you need to arm yourself with quality car insurance for Mexico before driving down. Like many others, you may be under 21 but over 18. In that case, you may be planning a trip to Mexico in order to enjoy its lower legal drinking age, which is 18. This is a very popular thing to do, and there is nothing wrong with it on the face of things. Just keep in mind that the authorities tend to scrutinize young people a lot more closely than they do older folks; make sure you have Mexico auto insurance at all times.

Drinking on the Street in Mexico

If youve seen a lot of spring break footage from Mexico, you may be under the impression that its perfectly fine to drink out in public. Technically, it is illegal to consume alcohol on the street in Mexico. As long as people are behaving themselves, the police in many tourist towns do not strictly enforce this rule. However, they will jump at the chance to throw the book at anyone who is causing trouble out on the street. Always be on your best behavior; better still, avoid getting drunk in public or drinking on the street altogether.

Drunk Driving in Mexico

Although the laws have stiffened up quite a bit, drunk driving is still rampant down in Mexico. Be extremely cautious when youre near busy streets. At the same time, avoid drinking and driving at all costs. If youre dead set on enjoying alcohol while you are in Mexico, choose a hotel thats within easy walking distance of popular night spots. Otherwise, be prepared to rely heavily on cabs. Drinking and driving, especially when it results in damages, injuries or death, can cause serious penalties. In fact, most auto insurance policies are made null and void if driving while intoxicated. Mexico car insurance online and the law of alcohol in Mexico!

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  • Holly Auerbach
    August 22, 2021 6:33 pm

    Does Mexico have night markets that sell items in the street markets operating at night? It’s more of the casual leisurely strolling and eating than the usual businesslike day markets.

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